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The Amazing Transforming Oven Lounge” from Etsy seller WayOutHere

Rubber Ducky floating tea infuser

Inner beauty

Plug and Socket rings

Pixel Pour 2.0 photographed by BenjaminNorman on Mercer Street in New York City

Eric Tryons skeletal bicycle- Creeeeepy!


So here are some cool and weird stuff that I’ve been meaning to post about separately but decided to throw all the strange and unusual into one post. I know, it’s like one huge bizarre post but trust me it’s better this way- get the crazziness out of the way!

-Anywho, I think the most peculiar one is the Oven Lounge- whoever made that has a bounty on his head from Betty Crocker. Sh*t’s gonna get real when she shows up with an electric mixer, rubber gloves and a a tub of lard at his front door. I don’t even know where I’m going with that one so let’s get on the next one.

-Rubber Duckies are cool especially ones with tea leaves up their whoo-has. Ha ha.

-The Inner Beauty shirt is definitely a cannibal’s dream menu. Just add Chianti and fava beans. Yeah, so I necessarily wouldn’t wear that.

-Plug and Socket ring is a nice alternative to those cheezey broken heart necklaces. Except it seems the plug has the upper hand in most violent situations.I’ll take the plug.

-Check out the cool street art on Mercer St. in NYC – although it’s probably hidden under the snow and ice right now.

-Ride the skeleton bike… perfect for causing car accidents and freaking out small children and the elderly. The head and arms move when you make a turn.


photos: like Cool

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Because you know a dude is not gonna steal a bike named Nina! Write A Bike is the creation of French designer Juri Zaech and is at the prototype stage. So, you’re gonna have to wait a little bit for this one to hit the market. I really love the colors of the bikes, too. You know how some names are longer than others, like Hatmaguptafratarinagarosterlous? How does that work? And what if your name was a little malnourished and only two letters like, Ed? I think you would fall off the bike, is what. Anywho, I would totally get this if my fear of riding a bike would subside. Blame it on my brother running me over with a bike when I was 5. Thanks, man.

photos: Write A Bike

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Exhibit A


Exhibit B


Exhibit C



I love Chanel and everything, but putting the logo on everything, especially random stuff that no one cares about is pretty ridiculous. (And this is coming from someone who used to draw CC on EVERYTHING!)

Exhibit A: The Chanel Fishing Pole– Anybody who goes fishing will not know what Chanel is. They will most likely pronounce it as ‘channel’. So, who cares?

Exhibit B: The Chanel Boomerang and The Chanel Segway– People who use boomerangs are normally beach bums and beach bums think Chanel is a chick with fake nails and a big butt……Anybody who can afford Chanel has a chauffeur and would not be seen dragging their own ass around town in a Segway. Anyway, only people like this ride Segways.

Exhibit C: The Chanel surfboard– see exhibit B (The Boomerang).  The Chanel Guitar Case– That’s actually pretty cool, except most people who play guitar would rather spend that money on crack or weed.

The Chanel tattoo: Okay, confession…. When I was in high school, I used to draw that sh*t on my ankle with a Sharpie, like everyday. Rain or shine! So, I’m kinda excited for that, except that I now realize a tramp stamp is a tramp stamp no matter how you cut it. Let’s just say the jury’s out on that on for me.

The Chanel Samurai suit: Hawt!

I would totally ride that bike if I only knew how. Don’t judge! 😦

This one is BEYOND ridiculous- they stole that idea from when you fall asleep in class and have spiral notebook imprints on your face.

a8725a47_sidebyside 8f97faee_sidebyside

photos: Refinery 29, WOW

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madsen1 madsen3

Check out this ingenious bike! I always wondered what people with bikes and motorcycles do when they go food shopping or have to buy something oversized from Target. Do they rent a truck or something? Do they just eat out everyday? Well, for those cyclists who do eat and furnish their apartments, here is a bike that lets you carry your stuff around, including your kids! It retails for about $1300. I would love one of these if I didn’t have a bike phobia. Yes, feet, feta cheese and now bikes. Only because my brother ran over me with a bike when I was 4. Don’t ask. And, I feel like I’m gonna crash into something while I’m riding one especially when you have to turn. It’s too bad because I have a Hello Kitty bike (a gift from my lovely husband) sitting in the garage. It’s really the phobia of getting hit by a car, too. I’m just scared of everything , aren’t I?

photos: Madsen Cycles

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