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Latvian fashion stylist/designer/illustrator Baiba LaDiga latest series include a creepy bunny (that looks kinda robotic and animatronic- actually Chuck E. Sleaze would totally adopt that one) running around the ‘hood looking for someone to harass for carrots. I really love the jacket with the poufy sleeves- so Victorian! That Chinese sign is totally throwing me off, though.  Here are another set of photographs by Baiba LaDiga ….

These are ‘The Birds’ series with dresses designed by LaDiga. Those are plastic strips on the dress so naturally a pleasant snap and crackle are heard as you walk. Pretty cool, huh?

photos: fashion 156

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dzn_companion-parrot-by-tithi-kutchamuch-1 dzn_companion-parrot-by-tithi-kutchamuch-3dzn_companion-parrot-by-tithi-kutchamuch-5dzn_companion-parrot-by-tithi-kutchamuch-71

Tithi Kutchamuch’s necklace called “Companion Parrot” allows you to rest the necklace on its ‘body’ when not in use. This is actually really clever if you can put the creepiness aside. I mean, the necklace itself consists of a bird skull, heart and intestines. This could totally freak out a vegetarian. Imagine wearing this to KFC, while eating a bucket of wings. That would be such a savage display! Anyway, I have to give credit where credit is due and say Tithi has some pretty cool ideas. Check out his/her (can’t tell with a name like Tithi!) site for cool design projects that includes tea sets and paper jewelry.

PS- That dude is totally craving fried chicken.

photos: Haute Macabre

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Theses are some smashing swine flu masks! My favorite is the hello kitty mask. If I had to wear a mask, I would spray glue on it and dip it in glitter. Then I would finish the edges with some vintage fringe. Imagine that! Then I would attach a satin ribbon around the back. Is that too much? Tell me ’cause I don’t want to look a fool. 




But these are even better!  My fave is the mouth with the pill.

 Designed by Irina Blok -Proceeds will be donated to Children International to help Mexico fight the swine flu epidemic. 

photos: In the week / Irina blok

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