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recreating a Bjork look!

Princess Leia... yes, that's a bathrobe.

Padme wiglet

mini Bjork Buns

Single ballet-style bun


A little box of greatness was sitting at my doorstep again the other day. Yes, a box of hairstuff by the illustrious Tressa the Hairdressa!!! This time it was Princess Leia buns, Bjork buns, a Padme bun and a Dragonfly hairclip that were sent! I love these buns because it has a net underneath that allows you to just put your hair up and then place the buns over your own hair. It’s really fuss-free and you don’t have to have hair down to your butt to do it. Win-Win, dahhhling. Anyway, the Bjork buns are my favorite because I used to wear Bjork buns in high school. Except I had to use like a trillion bobby pins to keep it up. The upside was that I always had a bobby pin for any occasion, like picking a lock or something. Check out the Dragonfly hairclip made of hair! That’s pretty killer! And for all the Star Wars fanatics, the Princess Leia buns and Padme bun is puuuurrrrrfect for your next Comic-Con adventure or just any occasion involving geeks. Check out Puppycatmeow’s etsy shop for her new creations!

photos: booboo, fifi

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So I scoured the web again and came up with these odds and ends. I wasn’t sure how to file these, so I just decided to throw a post with just a hodgepodge of unusual fashions. Forgive me for not citing which is what designer. I’m lazy today and let’s just say I’m concealing their identity for their own good. Let’s get on with it , shall we?

1. Fugly Chaps- Apparently, these are upcycled pants. So, it went from Fug to SuperFug with more effort. Hooooowwww is that possible?

2.The fluffy white dress- I actually sort of like this because it reminds me of Bjork’s fuzzy sweater on the cover of her Debut album . I can see her wearing this. I can see myself wearing this. It looks so fuzzy and cuddly, as if you’re wearing a billowy cloud. Actually, with this dress, there are no need for cat-cuddles. Mr. MarMar will strike upon me at any moment after that comment.

3.Lobster Garters- That’s all sorts of wrong. Crustaceans should not be hanging near your lady parts. At least they’re not crabs. having said that, I’d love a steamed lobster with drawn butter, please.

4. The Cone head- I’m sorry, but you gotta add some ruffles if you want a more Elizabethan look. This just looks like veterinary paraphernalia. That chick’s head looks alien.


photos: Kingdom of Style, Diane Pernet

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During Stockholm Fashion’s  Week, Bosnian designer Lamija Suljevic showed her latest collection with heavy influences by gypsies, the last Russian Dynasty, and dolls (my FAVORITE!). The heavy brocade and embroidery allow for a structured shape that makes it look so elegant and dignified. This somehow reminds me of Bjork’s album cover for ‘Homegenic’. Both look like uncomfortable Royals looking to take a dump before the next feast- Hawt! Or they just look like living dolls. These dresses are perfect for that boring dinner party. You could stash an iPod, Vogue magazine,  Reese’s Pieces (E.T candy) , a couple kittens, and a pot of tea under those skirts. That’s all I need for a nice evening- I know, I’m such a cheap date.

photos: Fashion 156

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00100m 00280m 00310m 00320m


Gareth Pugh’s Spring 2010 collection was not rainbows,glitter,sunshine and happy things like that. It was dreary, morbid, witchy, gothic, and COOL! I’m not usually a big fan of death and the stuff surrounding death , but this collection had an element of texture, futuristic inspirations and grey. Grey and black work well together, in my opinion. Grey sort of breaks up the morbidity of black and reveals a chic piece. That is why the grey and black striped dress in the second photo is my favorite! It’s like Morticia gone Bergdorf’s! The ear feathers are definitely like Bjork here.  Love it!

PS- that dude above is hating this, right now.

photos: Style

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Do you ever wonder what other Icelandic people are like besides Bjork? Like is she really odd or is she just Icelandic? You know what I mean?

Based on this seal blanket, Bjork is just Icelandic.( But, we still love her)

For $400 , the wool mess above can be yours. Vík Prjónsdóttir designed this body blanket based on an old Icelandic Myth called  ‘The Sealpelt’ . I skimmed through the myth and  well, blah , blah, blah, later – it’s about a seal and fisherman and a naked shivering woman with like 7 children, etc, etc.  Click here if you care.  Save yourself $380 and get a Snuggie.

But luckily, this led me to a cool website specializing in Icelandic products called Birkiland. I particularly like the handbag below from Hidden Goods. I actually have a bathroom rug like that. Maybe I can turn into a handbag when I get sick of it as a rug. 



photos: Birkiland

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Tim Walker, “Magic World,” Vogue Italia, January 2008.

Richard Burbridge,  Pink Eye.

The International Center of Photography just opened four exhibitions to inaugurate their “2009 Year of Fashion,” including the contemporary Weird Beauty: Fashion Photography Now. Check it out if you’re in NYC:

1133 Avenue of the Americas at 43rd Street
New York, NY 10036

I love the tulle and organza egg dress, reminds me of the Japanese designer like Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcon and Bjork’s favorite Hussein Chalayan.  I would wear this if I didn’t have to sit in it. 


photos: fashion projects

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Hussein Chalayan’s Spring 2009 collection featured dresses that look like they are going through a windstorm- could his inspiration by Hurricane Ike?  I like these dresses, except how does one sit down? I love the blue and white striped dress… those colors are so classic. My favorite Hussein Chalayan dress is the robot dress  The skirt opens and closes based on your drafty you’re feeling. My other favorite is this one :  it was featured at The Superheroes Exhibit at The Met in NYC. He’s one of Bjork’s favorites , by the way. I love any designer who works with Bjork.

photos: style, astridland

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