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If Jigsaw and Lladro were to have afternoon high tea together at The Savoy, I bet they would burp out something like this.  Seriously, this is pretty awesome just because of the shock factor. I’m not one for blood and gore, but GODDAMN! this is awesome. I mean, the ladies are so dainty, yet they are carrying their brains like a basket of fresh baked scones. Artist Jessica Harrison is behind these masterpieces. Be sure to check her site for more fupe artwork like furniture sprouting pubic hair. It’s like a Clarence Thomas /Anita Hill fest, but alas no Coke can. Anywho, this would be perfect in my dining room next to the Mark Ryden art.

photos: Jessica Harrison

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Here are the latest clever and pretty artwork from Andrea Kett. Glamorous ghouls, candy, jewels, cakes, and a few bloody limbs here and there make for  fantastic Halloween decor. I love the tongue-in-cheek humor in all of Kett’s work. “Sorry to hear you’re feeling rotten” -hhahahahaha! That’s something Hannibal Lector would say- polite, with a tinge of manic. The colorful costumes and pouty killer ladies make it even better.  Click here to see my past post of Kett’s work.Visit her Etsy shop for more artwork  available in three sizes. Fabulous!

Happy Halloween!!! My most favorite holiday ever!! Make sure the treats keep coming and the tricks keep their STDs to themselves! Hahaha- the only day where you can take candy from strangers. Not right…. but oh sospecial!!



photos: Andrea Kett

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Remind me to wear Thimister when I’m getting all Dexter on someone. Either that or  when Aunt Flo is visiting (sorry, but I couldn’t resist!). The real story behind the blood is the reference to war and the bloodshed from World War I. The best thing out of this collection are those Hunter boots. I have a pair that I wear almost everyday in the winter. They are just so comfy, yet stylish- and by stylish, I mean I look like I ready to dig clams from the damn sea! I love them. Anyway, Thimister’s collection is the first in 10 years, so I guess we can cut him some slack. Literally.

photos: Style

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