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Lacoste presents a collection of shoes by architect, Zaha Hadid. The shoes are crafted from Italian calf leather. “Wrapped around the foot, these shoes adapt in an ergonomic way to the shapes of the body” explains Zaha Hadid. Hadid has designed many  buildings and bridges, including a BMW plant in Germany. Anybody who does anything with BMW is good in my book. I like how these shoes have no laces or velcro. They’re like toddler shoes. I made the mistake of getting my son shoes with laces when he was 1.5- 2 years old. What a pain! I’ve wised up and got him velcro ones that he can put on by himself. I save about 30 minutes a day. Although, now I have to entertain him during that extra 30 minutes a day.

Limited edition of 850 pairs, exclusive to Colette starting July 20.

photos: Colette

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fiole-chanel-fashion-vehicle3 fiole-chanel-fashion-vehicle4 fiole-chanel-fashion-vehicle5 fiole-chanel-fashion-vehicle6

Finally! A car that lives up to my standards! It’s a CHANEL car called the Fiole!  Jinyoung Jo is a car designer at Hong-ik University in South Korea and designed this masterpiece for me. Actually, for Karl Lagerfeld probably. This is a two seater, so no baby seats, because that is so un-Chanel like. Hmm, maybe I can put the kid in the trunk? We’ll have to see. Anyway, this is what GM should have been designing – this would have saved them. Not sure if it is eco-friendly, but with looks like this, who gives a crap? My ultimate car would be a hot pink  BMW/ CHANEL team up that runs on baby poo. That would be brilliant! Seriously, though, I’m not sure if this will ever go to market. I think it’s only a proto-type. That would be a shame.

photos: trend land 

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