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If you always wanted Willie Nelson, Bob Ross (“happy trees”), Pee Wee Herman and the Royal Tenenbaums to star in your own finger puppet show, then you’ve come to right place. Check out these finger puppets by Abbey Christine. She’s got all the details right, down to the grey braids on Willie and the ‘fro-stache-beard on Bob Ross. These are things you whip out during that last excruciating hour of work at the cubicle. I’m sure she can do custom work, in case you always wanted finger puppets of Prince and the New Power Generation. I mean, that would be really cool – Prince, Mayte, those 2 chicks in the ‘Cream’ video, and all the other 30 band members. Right?!

photos: Abbey Christine

*Thanks Cadi !

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Takashi Murakami took over the Palace of Versaille on September 15th with his collection of superflat art. This is something I would have dreamed of after watching Marie Antoinette and stuffing my face with Harajuku crepes. Seriously, though- this is friggin’AWESOME!!!!! It’s like the ultimate high-end punk statement if ever there was one. I think the last royal family of France would have love love loved the idea of colorful, cartoony art sprinkling the palace grounds. If I were Marie Antoinette, I would walk around the palace in one of the fancy outfits and ogle at each piece as I nibbled on cupcakes. I’d even touch the artwork because I would be the damn queen. Then, I’d have some poor fool paint me with Kaikai Kiki. Mr. Marmar would object with a guttural meow and then we’d add him to the painting. Wait. This may have happened in another life time. Here’s the painting to prove it:

That’s me as Marie Antoinette and my cats as painted by a Bob Ross clone. And yes, those are “happy trees”. HAHHAHAHHAHA!

photos: Hypebeast

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