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Here are Irregular Choice‘s latest shoe collection. Here’s the breakdown:

First- yes (although, I would feel like a Redbull commercial)

Second- yes-  because it’s so ‘Snap!, Pow!, Kaboom!’ comic book style!

Third- YES, PLEASE because I would look like a Victorian that shredded a Dandy’s dress shirt for her shoes! Not very lady like! Love it!

Fourth- A firm, Hell to the NO! It looks like a Chewbacca paw. A Wookiee should not be a fashion example.

Be sure to check out Irregular Choice’s brand new cool website and their flagship store in New York City! Good times!

photos: Irregular Choice

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These shoes are anything but usual. Imagine the engineering that went into creating these shoes. One has a missing a piece, the other is teetering precariously, another has a chunk missing. Really? They should get the design team of these shoes on to design airplanes and skyscrapers and like, other stuff. My fave out of the bunch is the first photo with black stalactites growing from the boots. That is some kyptonite looking boots. I think Alexander McQueen designed those.  The rest I could do without.

photos: The Lipstick Diaries

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Let’s take a break from the hoity-toity fashion shows with this. Dr. Marten has released some really cool pastel colored boots. I remember wearing Docs in High School, but the colors were pretty basic back then. This was when grunge was big, so I used to wear these with flower  dresses and a knit sock hat. Pretty hideous by today’s standards. It was Marc Jacobs fault….and Nirvana.   Anyway, these go for about $114, which is pretty good since these will last you forever. I wonder if these come in the up the knee version… 


Photos: nitrolicious

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Rodarte is one of the most cutting edge fashion designers. This collection reminded me of Mad Max , but in the swamp. But in a good way. I really like the thigh high boots, but they could make the thinnest of the thinnest look like a fattie. That means the ladies above are almost nonexistent, because they look good in the boots! Anyway, The dresses are starting to grow on me as I write this entry. The asymmetry is what really is drawing me in. That and the pastels. The last photo reminds me of fool’s gold. When I was a kid , I used to collect them and try to trade  the ‘gold’ for candy. Unfortunately, it never worked and I looked like a fool! Fools’ Gold! get it!…. yeah, … I’ll stop. That’s the perfect outfit for a gold digger, by the way.

photo: Style

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These are Maison Martin Margiela 

shoes that should be not be $545. They look  more like $5.45. They missed the decimal point. Honestly, cork shoes are not very attractive in my book. I think of winos (like,  Amy Winehouse) and faux French bulletin boards found at TJ Maxx. Anyfugly, I wonder if these shoes fall apart if they dry out too much. That would suck. MMM also made the knee high boot for maximum fug. Click here to see it. I was searching for a matching cork dress , but all I found was this granny purse. Somehow, cork reminds me also of the 1970’s. Like macramé, fruits jiggling in Jello, and beards. Gross.

photo: Nitrolicious

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Posh-y Mantis


Check out Posh’s boots by Antonio Berardi! They cost $6000. They have no heel.  WTF? I’m all for edgy fashion, but this is plain silly. I’m a chronic heel flexer when I sit down in heels. Like I have to dig my heel into the ground to stretch my feet. I wouldn’t be able to do this. Annoying! And you wouldn’t be able to stab an aggressor with your heel, that’s a serious downside. At least her  heel won’t get stuck into the subway grates on the sidewalk.

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