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Katy Perry is seen above with Rome-ing Panda‘s gummy bear brass knuckles. These are pretty badass is you ask me! My son adores gummy bears so he would totally try to eat them. Not good. I collect those gummy bear glass jars from the hotel room’s minibar and put spices in them. My goal is to have a uniform spice rack of all gummy bear jars. I think I can do it. Anyway, the obsession continues with a matching necklace and of course, Gummy Bear Lights for your nightstand. If you really, really , like REALLY love gummy bears, take a peek at their anatomy. And gummy bear violence. Or a Gummy Bear flipping the bird.  Or finally, an Absinthe Gummy Bear!

photos: Rome-ing Panda, Getty Images via James St. James, Kids baby Design

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Polly Van der Glas has taken human parts like hair and teeth to construct his creepy jewelry and accessories line. Check out the brass knuckles (first photo) made out of teeth. Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think? You can knock out teeth with teeth! This is some CSI sh*t! Imagine finding out your jewelry belongs to a missing person- dang. Be sure to check out Polly’s other jewelry/accessories, especially the human hair purse.  I wonder if her studio has moths and butterflies….he he.

photo: Trend de la Creme

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London- based fashion house , Belle Sauvage, showed their Spring 2010 collection with bold ,pointy shoulders, colorful,  prints and a nice womanly silhouette. Although I’m love with the shapes in the collection, I’m not too keen on the prints that resonate my son’s vomit after eating Flintstone vitamins, Cheetos, green beans and Kool-aid. Not that I feed him Cheetos and Kool-aid. He knows we only eat Cheetos when we go to Legoland (which is once a year). So , yes, we eat Cheetos once a year at Legoland. FYI. Waaay off track…. anyway, the spike bracelet would be a stunning addition to my weapons collection of brass knuckles and afghan alleys. Love it!

photos: Belle Sauvage

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Finnish designers Janne Kyttänen & Jiri Evenhuis designed this ‘punch bag’ a few years ago. As many of you may know, I dig this sort of stuff… function (brass knuckle for back alley brawls) and fashion (the gleaming chain bag that carries your wallet, cell and candy).

If you’re itching to add this to your wardrobe, stop itching because it will cost 364 EUROS. yeeeeaah… eruos. 

photos: freedom of creation

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British Designer, Gisele Gannes, has found an unusual niche in jewelry. She specializes in Divorce Jewelry. I like her collection , as you may already know- I’m a brass knuckle afficiando- you can see more on her site here 

but what’s with the beaky birds? Is that a special significance, or is that to gauge out the ex’s eye?Either way, it works for me… 

She also does mourning jewelry… by the way, is it wrong to knit scarfs from a deceased cats’ hair?My cats are still alive but,  I’m saving hair from my cats to knit a teddy bear- I have about one grocery bag full of each cat… I need one more bag and then a Mr. Marmar teddy bear will be commissioned….. yes, I’m the neighborhood crazy cat lady and I’m only 31. 

photos: Gisele Gannes

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Australian designer, Felicity Peters has made a Brass knuckle-ish sort of ring made out of silver and gold. 

It’s named “too many hats to wear”.. I call it ‘Fug on four rings’. This wouldn’t last through one back alley fight! I don’t even understand the correlation between the too may hats to wear and the colgate toothbrush, a granny on a car and the Ben Franklin candle! WTF!? Bizarre! When I say Bizarre, there are 2 kinds of Bizarre- the artsy- I -don’t- understand -it- but- it -looks- cool- bizarre and the WTF-it’s- a mess bizarre. This falls into the latter. It looks like something my son would bring home from Preschool. 


photos: designboom

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As an avid collector of brass knuckles or knuckle dusters, this umbrella/ brass knuckle called The Umbuster is right up my alley! It is considered a weapon and you may need a  license to carry this around in some parts, but at least you know you’re covered if a roving gang of hooligans want to mug you.  I have brass knuckles covered in rhinestones, copper ones, and of course gold ones. Jean Paul Gaultier made a purse a while back with the handle as brass knuckles and so did James Piatt recently (retails for $85). 

by James Piatt  by Jean Paul Gaultier


photo: interior design room , style list, fashion tribes

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