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Brooklyn photography duo Kat + Duck have some visually striking work that are both dramatic and chic. I love the huge half circle on the model’s head in the last photo. She just needs a carrot hanging from the tip and be a bunny. Or in my case, hang some delicious fried chicken at the end. I’d run all damn day! Be sure to check out their site,especially the ‘Rorschach Test’ photo shoot with a model serving as the ‘ink blots’… pretty damn cool if you ask me. I also dig the Russian-style splash page.- Kra-si-va-ya*!

*That means “beautiful” or something in Russian. Seriously, I learned that from a mail order bride.

photos: Haute Macabre

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Here are  my pick’s from Fred Flare this month. Fred Flare is a really cool online shop and store with clothing, accessories and other stuff in Brooklyn, NY for those of you who don’t know…

1. A composition duffle bag- because it reminds me of those damn essays we used to write in school. Mine was all scribbles.

2. The Bunny Tea-for Two set- because it looks like that hot slut, Miffy.

3. The “I am Woman- Hear me SNORE” sleeper mask – because I would love to put this on my husband’s face while he sleeps  and witness the horror on his face when he wakes up! AHAHAAHAHAAHAHA! No,really, my 4 year old son’s snore rivals my husbands’- Astonishing!

4. The Nerdy Glasses USB – because I’m free from those bad boys! Lasik, b*tches!

5. The Stapleless Stapler -because staples suck.

All of the above are under $50! Yippeeee!

photos: Fred Flare

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I just discovered my new favorite store via The New York Times. It’s Fred Flare! they just opened a store front in addition to their web store at:

131 Meserole Ave at Leonard Street
Greenpoint, Brooklyn 11222, 718-349-1257
(a couple blocks north from the Nassau Ave stop on the G train)

You need to know this because they have goodies like an RD-D2 back pack and a Lego sound system for your ipod! They’re prices are hella cheap at $65 for the most raddest backpack eva and the most awesome mini  sound system eva for $25! Do you need a burger phone , like the one in ‘Juno‘? It’s $26! A mixed Tape USB flash drive ? $18! Thank you Fred Flare for making cool stuff affordable again! 

photo: Fred Flare

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