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Artist Peter Gronquist pimped his weapons ‘couture-style’ by putting logos on everything from chainsaws to uzis. Quick question: If you get mugged by someone with one of these guns, would you drool and swoon before dropping your wallet or would you still be scared sh*tless? For me, I would try to get into that ‘cool equipment’ banter and try to convince the mugger that I’m ‘on his side’ and stuff and maybe even suggest holding up someone less fashionable- ‘ya know what I mean? Actually, I’d probably run. Anyway,  I can totally picture Donatella Versace’s bodyguards toting a Versace machine gun while she chain smokes under the scorching Miami sun. Check out Peter’s site for other fupe stuff including a Mickey Mouse Jesus and a fruity Darth Vader.

photos: Peter Gronquist

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crazy-sweaters-1 crazy-sweaters-2

I don’t think these sweaters by designer, Timothy James Andrews are frumpy at all. Before I go on, this dude has 3 first names. Moving on, Timothy worked for Burberry at one point so that makes him really good. I love the first photo with the red sweater and the goblet sleeves. It reminds me of The Tudors. Damn,  James knows how to knit! I have a French Aunt that can knit like nobody’s business! It’s too bad we live in hot California. Although, I’m not digging the balls in the second photo… they could look obscene.

photos: Timothy James Andrews

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