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So, Karl must’ve Netflixed ‘Harry and The Henderson’ as of late because dude went all Big Foot on us! Honestly, I’m digging the fur. It looks like fake fur, which makes it even more fun. The models have caveman hair* , which I find FUG. A long way from the heart hair for Spring Couture 2010. Apparently, Karl brought in REAL glaciers from Switzerland for the show and had the models slosh through the melting ice during the show. Seriously, Karl should’ve had a city bus run through the runway splashing everyone if he really wanted to keep it real. I’ve been a victim of the splashing puddle in NYC. The worst part is people point and laugh… until it happens to them (like me!)  So, I like this collection- but I don’t love it. Having said that, I would wear that fur jumpsuit to Disneyland and see how many kids run up to me.

*Remedy for Caveman Hair: Brazilian Hair Products company, nuNAAT sent me a bunch of goodies that smell divine and work really well. Their products are made with ingredients from the Amazon, like aloe vera, açai, and passion fruit. Basically, you totally want to eat it….but don’t eat it. Anyway, because I dye my hair red every  two-three weeks, my hair can get pretty fried. I used nuNaat’s  Naat Cream Buriti (dyed and discolored hair) and it completely transformed my hair- AND it has SPF, which protects your hair and your dye job from the sun. They have a line of chocolate shampoo and conditioners and other yummy stuff. Check out their stuff here.

cr_buritiIt looks like strawberries, but they are Buriti from the Amazon. It smells soooooo  good!

photos: StylenuNAAT

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