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And here I am still writing and scratching my ass. These are some ominous masks that can scare the hell out of anyone sane. I guess that’s why I’m not scared. This gem of a collection is belongs to Giulia Pozzuoli from Polimoda, Italy.

Although I can appreciate the actual clothes in the collection, especially the leather jacket with the science fiction shoulders, I just can’t with the masks. It reminds me of that movie, The Strangers, which made me buy 2 extra cell phone chargers and have an irrational fear of burlap bags. Long story short, I will NOT travel to remote areas and always buy basmati rice in a box or paper bag. Anywho, Guilia is a fashion student so she can always do better next time. We’ll still hang this on fridge with the heads cut off.

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British designer, Charles Anastase, has an eye for the odd and dramatic. I consider myself a fashion daredevil and even I wouldn’t touch this collection. The sack dress is just that- a sack of potatoes… (mmmm, chips). I have a few ideas as to who would wear that sack dress:

-A teenage girl from Idaho hoping for Prom Queen.

-A teenage girl from Ireland hoping for Prom Queen ( do they have those in Ireland?)

– A teenage girl from Costa Rica hoping for Prom Queen ( coffee beans, anyone?)

– ‘Scarecrow’ from Batman looking for an ensemble to match his face.

The orange dress just reminded me I have a pile of laundry to fold. I do like the comeback of hoop skirts , though.

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