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I’m PMS- ing, so I thought I’d share with you food that I am craving right now. Cupcakes, cookies, pie, cake- you name it- BRING IT ON! Some of you may think these are too pretty to eat, so I’ll finish it off for you.Can you believe the last photo is a cake in the shape of a dress? At least it’s on a hanger and not like this. How do you cut that? Reminds me of that Tom Petty video below.  I love love love the ‘Apple’ Pie. Yeah, I’d eat that. I hope no one comes out with the iPood dessert or something gross like that. Anyway, it looks like I’m gonna make a run to the bakery.

photos: Pretty Foods and Pretty Drink

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The classy ho above is not jumping out of a cake at a bachelor party for a professional gambler in Lubbock,Texas. No. She is the cake AND bride! It’s a twofer, y’all! Okay, I know that’s pretty original, but what about the wedding dress you’re supposed to burn three years later during a bonfire with your gal pals while watching Lifetime when you’ve filed for divorce? Really. I bet she’d wear a divorce dress in dark chocolate ’cause that would be hawt. Anyway, if I were a guest at the wedding/ divorce party, I’d totally pass on the cake/chocolate that is probably soaked in farts.

PS- Why does the wedding cake look like lego bricks- what the hell kind of cake is that?

PPS- This one is pretty insane , too….


photos: The Frisky, WOW

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