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POP Bakery in England better get their ass in gear to bring their goods over the pond because I’m salivating at the thought of eating a scrummy smurf’s head! Check out these brilliant cakes on a lollipop in the shape of Russian dolls, skulls, pandas and smurfs just to name a few. Lollipop cakes are pretty clever especially for messy eaters like myself and toddlers. I swear, if they put anything on a lollipop, I’ll eat it. Like lollipop rack of lamb, lollipop apple pies, chicken on bamboo lollipops…. it’s like easy to eat aaaand… it’s easy to eat. I guess I’m a lazy eater.  Anyway, check out POP Bakery if you are England or not- just looking at these masterpieces are pretty cool.

photos: POP Bakery

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