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Canada-based Monster Kookies on Etsy sells these charming monster brain muffins, cakes, dental cufflinks, and industrial hearts. I think the industrial heart is pretty killer for that special Valentine. It’s like a robot heart! The dental cufflinks are pretty grody unless you’re a dentist and want to scare small children. Although, it’s not as creepy as these. I can really appreciate the details in the monster brains- all the bloody glaze and all. And the peppermint earrings are great, but beware of small children ripping them off your ears for a tasty delight! Check out  Monster Kookies for more cool stuff.

photos: Monster Kookies

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POP Bakery in England better get their ass in gear to bring their goods over the pond because I’m salivating at the thought of eating a scrummy smurf’s head! Check out these brilliant cakes on a lollipop in the shape of Russian dolls, skulls, pandas and smurfs just to name a few. Lollipop cakes are pretty clever especially for messy eaters like myself and toddlers. I swear, if they put anything on a lollipop, I’ll eat it. Like lollipop rack of lamb, lollipop apple pies, chicken on bamboo lollipops…. it’s like easy to eat aaaand… it’s easy to eat. I guess I’m a lazy eater.  Anyway, check out POP Bakery if you are England or not- just looking at these masterpieces are pretty cool.

photos: POP Bakery

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Here are the latest clever and pretty artwork from Andrea Kett. Glamorous ghouls, candy, jewels, cakes, and a few bloody limbs here and there make for  fantastic Halloween decor. I love the tongue-in-cheek humor in all of Kett’s work. “Sorry to hear you’re feeling rotten” -hhahahahaha! That’s something Hannibal Lector would say- polite, with a tinge of manic. The colorful costumes and pouty killer ladies make it even better.  Click here to see my past post of Kett’s work.Visit her Etsy shop for more artwork  available in three sizes. Fabulous!

Happy Halloween!!! My most favorite holiday ever!! Make sure the treats keep coming and the tricks keep their STDs to themselves! Hahaha- the only day where you can take candy from strangers. Not right…. but oh sospecial!!



photos: Andrea Kett

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I love Maya Hansen’s “Cake Corset Collection”! It’s so yummy! With names like ‘Mint Chocolate Corset’ and ‘Cherry Blue Corset’, you’re going to want to have a cupcake party with everyone wearing corsets! ….. maybe not. Click here for an actual cupcake corset.  But, I do like the color combinations and extra ruffles. You can never have too many ruffles! And you can never have too many ruffled curtains.  Also, I thought I’d throw in some Kiss and Metallica corsets… trying to balance the sweet with some rock!

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photos: Maya Hansen, Fashion 156

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