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This is one pimped out ride! This is the actual James Bond 1964 Aston Martin DB5 used in the films Thunderball and Goldfinger. Sean Connery drove this, so all you Sean Connery fans can say your butt cheeks kissed, if you happen to sit in the drivers seat. In case you need machine guns, bullet-proof shield, revolving number plates, tracking device, removable roof panel, oil slick sprayer, nail spreader and smoke screen, this car has got it all.  So, you can’t really turn your nose up and say, “but it doesn’t have…. “. Aaaaaaand all the switches are in the driver’s armrest so your lazy ass doesn’t need to get up ever in case sh*t goes down. Miss Moneypenny would be very, very impressed. As a James Bond enthusiast, I want this. The auction date is October 27, 2010 and it will probably pass $5 million. Click here for the info if you want to bid. Ahahahahah-Kidding, that was my Paypal….Here is the real place to place a bid for this exceptional beauty.

photos: Billionaire Boys Club

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These gorgeous stockings are by Parisian designer, Chantal Thomass. You may remember Thomass collaborated with Victoria’s Secret a few years back to make a more affordable line of lingerie. In case you don’t know, Chantal Thomass is like the Bentley of all things lingerie. Like, Agent Provacateur is the punky, misfit  version of Chantal Thomass and Victoria’s Secret is the low rent or rent-control version of  Chantall Thomass and Frederick’s of Hollywood is the older, slutty sister of Victoria’s Secret. Yes, even lingerie has a hierarchy! Somewhere even lower than Frederick’s ( I know, how trashier can it get?) is  Trashy lingerie and of course the bottom feeder Forplay.  Having said that, I would wear all of those stockings above if it wasn’t so damn hot here.

Check out the Chantal Thomass website for cool collaborations, including a holiday log cake, a Minnie Mouse doll, and a Jaguar.

photos : Chantal Thomass

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fiole-chanel-fashion-vehicle3 fiole-chanel-fashion-vehicle4 fiole-chanel-fashion-vehicle5 fiole-chanel-fashion-vehicle6

Finally! A car that lives up to my standards! It’s a CHANEL car called the Fiole!  Jinyoung Jo is a car designer at Hong-ik University in South Korea and designed this masterpiece for me. Actually, for Karl Lagerfeld probably. This is a two seater, so no baby seats, because that is so un-Chanel like. Hmm, maybe I can put the kid in the trunk? We’ll have to see. Anyway, this is what GM should have been designing – this would have saved them. Not sure if it is eco-friendly, but with looks like this, who gives a crap? My ultimate car would be a hot pink  BMW/ CHANEL team up that runs on baby poo. That would be brilliant! Seriously, though, I’m not sure if this will ever go to market. I think it’s only a proto-type. That would be a shame.

photos: trend land 

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