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MA Antwerp graduate Nathalie Fordeyn designed a fascinating collection called, “A Drummer In A Tree”. More like “A Q-tip in an Ear”. (I’ll show my way out…) Anyway, I find this collection refreshing because who knew grandma’s sweaters would look so cool wrapped around your head like a fishbowl? Personally, I’m a fan of knit-wear even though California weather never lets me unleash my knit collection, like ever. I can totally appreciate the time and energy to make these bulbous pieces. I’m digging the dome skirts, but fear that they may make my legs look thick. That’s the problem with knitwear, you have to be super skinny to wear it or you’ll just look like a cat lady from Minnesota that cites peanut butter as their favorite ‘food’. Having said that, I’d totally wear the second to the last photo in a blizzard.

photos: Fashion 156

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Here are a few things at Paris boutique, colette, that I love (hint, hint), but will probably end up getting a FUG sweater that belongs on a Minnesotan cat lady, a FUG jewelry set that belongs on QVC, or a FUG scarf that belongs on an aging Indian ho. *Sigh* I can always dream…

-Be@rbrick my first b@by Chiaki x colette- I have the first edition that is pastel colors; so naturally, I would need this.

NeighborhoodDisney-  The Big Bad Wolf and Mickey Mouse- Disney goes psycho!

-Jewelry designer Katie Hillier’s Bunny collection- Paper clip comes to life as a bunny- sweet!

-Ladurée mini-corner at colette- Macaroons! Also, because your ass is too lazy to go a few blocks to the actual Ladurèe store.

-White Crystal Swarovski Christmas at colettebedazzling crap is still in! My fave is the be@rbrick, of course.

-T1MEPEACES bracelets designed by Denise Julia Reytan- Who needs to know the time anyway!

photos: colette

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