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These gorgeous stockings are by Parisian designer, Chantal Thomass. You may remember Thomass collaborated with Victoria’s Secret a few years back to make a more affordable line of lingerie. In case you don’t know, Chantal Thomass is like the Bentley of all things lingerie. Like, Agent Provacateur is the punky, misfit  version of Chantal Thomass and Victoria’s Secret is the low rent or rent-control version of  Chantall Thomass and Frederick’s of Hollywood is the older, slutty sister of Victoria’s Secret. Yes, even lingerie has a hierarchy! Somewhere even lower than Frederick’s ( I know, how trashier can it get?) is  Trashy lingerie and of course the bottom feeder Forplay.  Having said that, I would wear all of those stockings above if it wasn’t so damn hot here.

Check out the Chantal Thomass website for cool collaborations, including a holiday log cake, a Minnie Mouse doll, and a Jaguar.

photos : Chantal Thomass

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Here are some cool umbrellas I came across … the first 2 are from Jean Paul Gaultier, The third photo is a collection by lingerie designer, Chantal Thomass . The Fourth photo is some dumbass in Asia that wants to be hands free for what ever reason and the last photo is my personal favorite, The gun umbrella by Alex Wooley. The gun fills with rain water so you can have a water fight on the street with whoever bumps into your umbrella. I like that. 


photos: Design Boom

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