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First off- The designer that had to fill Alexander McQueen shoes must have been shitting her pants.

Secondly, She did a pretty good job.

Thirdly, that hair at the show was beyond SPECTACULAR! It was like a basket came to life! It was like a checkerboard – how did they do that? While I ponder this, I remember I had done a hair show in NYC ages ago and I was modeling for Paul Mitchell and they did a dye job exactly like that- a checkerboard. Blonde and brunette. Only thing was that I was a demonstration model, so after doing only one side of my hair they kicked my ass off stage! So, I was walking around with the most effed up hair west of the Port Authority. That’s saying a lot considering the area. Anyway, a Feria dye job later I was back to normal, but needless to say it was a scarring experience.

Anyway, this collection was great- my favorites are the orange dress with butterflies emerging from the collar and the greyish, white feather dress in the first photo. That gold and cream dress (photo 5)  was equally stunning, too. Still, it’s such a shame a huge talent is gone.

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