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Canada-based Monster Kookies on Etsy sells these charming monster brain muffins, cakes, dental cufflinks, and industrial hearts. I think the industrial heart is pretty killer for that special Valentine. It’s like a robot heart! The dental cufflinks are pretty grody unless you’re a dentist and want to scare small children. Although, it’s not as creepy as these. I can really appreciate the details in the monster brains- all the bloody glaze and all. And the peppermint earrings are great, but beware of small children ripping them off your ears for a tasty delight! Check out  Monster Kookies for more cool stuff.

photos: Monster Kookies

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Chances are that you are reading this piss drunk on your mobile at your family’s Christmas lunch. Before your nagging aunt tells you to put away the phone and pay attention to the unappetizing chestnut cobbler she made, I leave you with photos from the 2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show a.k.a “outfits you will never find at a Victoria’s Secret even if you use the displays behind the window”. Because, truly, whenever I go into a Victoria’s Secret, I only see the sweatpants with ‘pink’ stamped across the ass. I dunno, maybe I’m just blind.

Anyway, have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season! Here is Mr. Marmar doing his best ‘Santa Baby’ pout. I totally taught him that! Actually, I see a little grinchiness in his eyes. Oooooh, My PET!

photos: Popsugar High Snobette, moi

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Etsy is one of my favorite sites to look for cool stuff, however, sometimes I run into effed up stuff like this. Luckily, that’s what my blog thrives on!  So, if you ever wanted Cabbage Patch Ear Muffs, here they are. They should make a Garbage Pail Kids version. I used to collect those cards when I was a kid. I would buy several at a time and shove all the gum in my mouth. My favorite card was Acne Amy and Peeled Paul. Yeah, I had issues as a child. Anyway, I thought this Glowing Fur Coat and Bra would be something I would wear in the 90’s to a rave. I mean, raves gave you a license to wear Muppet fur and be cool, right?? I threw in some  Tuxedo Candle Shoes and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Shoes. I thought you ‘d like that.

photos Etsy

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It’s Christmas! And I leave you with photos of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Miami. I look forward every year to the Fashion Show and am amazed by all the work put into these skimpy, beautiful outfits. Of course, this show entices me to go into a Victoria’s Secret at the mall and realize that it is vastly different than what was shown on TV.  I always like Victoria’s Secret but they should mass produce some of the showy outfits that are in their fashion shows. I don’t know where I would wear them , but  would love to see some of them hanging in my closet!

Well, have a lovely holiday, give thanks, and regift !



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The day after Thanksgiving is when I usually break out all the Christmas crap. We have a 7 ft. tall pink flocked Christmas tree that we decorate with naked Barbies, ostrich feathers, my baby mobile converted to ornaments,  Rhinestone jewelry and of course,  a crown fit for a king (not Burger king!) as the topper! (see below)Yes, it is a truly fupe Christmas tree but I LOVE it! Now I can add a DIY Munny ornament! So cool, for only $13. I can paint it, color it, rhine stone it, deco page it… whatever that suits my mood. For that handsome man in your life, you can get one of these cozy  kidrobot sweaters retailing for $300. A little steep , but well worth the coolness factor. 

Visit Kidrobot for more cool stuff.


Click here to see My customized Munny called , ‘Moosh’


photo: kidrobot

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