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Latvian fashion stylist/designer/illustrator Baiba LaDiga latest series include a creepy bunny (that looks kinda robotic and animatronic- actually Chuck E. Sleaze would totally adopt that one) running around the ‘hood looking for someone to harass for carrots. I really love the jacket with the poufy sleeves- so Victorian! That Chinese sign is totally throwing me off, though.  Here are another set of photographs by Baiba LaDiga ….

These are ‘The Birds’ series with dresses designed by LaDiga. Those are plastic strips on the dress so naturally a pleasant snap and crackle are heard as you walk. Pretty cool, huh?

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Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2009 pays hommage to nature. With prints of tree rings and amoeba- like shapes, honeycombs and earthy tones, McQueen’s collection was quite beautiful. The bunny costume is McQueen himself- a little bizarre, but harmless. He should have worn a Chuck E. Cheese costume. That would have been so strange, that it would have been chic and edgy. A little advice about Chuck E. Cheese by the way- don’t go on the weekends, unless you want to be trampled by small people. Don’t eat the pizza unless you like cardboard and sawdust. Back to McQueen, he did incorporate his signature leather harness in a few looks. The leather harness is sort of like a modern day corset, but not as restrictive. It’s obvious the environment is on McQueen’s mind, let’s hope it’s on more people’s minds and help conserve nature’s real fashion models. 

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