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If your doll’s shoes have gone missing in the past few months, look no further, the doll foot fetish lurking in  jewelry designer Tom Binns must have swiped them to make this immaculate piece of jewelry! Seriously, that’s a lot of barefoot Barbies. Good thing Barbie can’t get pregnant… or CAN she? Anywho, Moss Online offers this for sale but the price is available upon request. Usually, they say ‘price available upon request’ when they know that you’re gonna shoot them a ‘b*tch please ‘ side-eye  after finding out the price. I say just go to your neighborhood playground and start gathering lost doll shoes, then string it all together and throw it around your neck. Voila! And if it kid cries for her doll’s shoe, tell her that Cinderella story, but stop before the part where she gets the shoe back…. yeah, that’s the ticket.

photos: Moss Online

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maisonmargielaglasslipper maisonmargielaglassslipper2

Maison Martin Margiela designed these limited edition GLASS heels and are selling them, not in pairs, but per piece for $1,300 each or $2,600 for the pair. Basically, you’re paying a month of your mortgage to risk never walking again. Seriously, if you wore these, you’d have to stay on carpet or prepare for a bloody mess! I do think these are ornamental, but what a tease! You have Cinderella’s shoes and you can’t even wear the b*tch’s shoes. WTF? I’d be pissed. I wonder if you can drink champagne out of them. See! I finally found a use for these useless objects! But I think I’d rather get this:

lerituel__opt1 Christian Louboutin/Piper Heidsieck’s Le Rituel

photos: Fashion indie, Perez Hilton

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If you ever wondered what happened to the Disney hoes Princesses after Disney traded them in for Pixar’s computer- animated characters, wonder no longer. Dina Goldstein found them fitting into real life quite nicely except that they haven’t modified their wardrobe, yet. Because a Disney Princess can be you or me without the fou-fou dress (or with)… here’s proof. Yeah… that’s me. Anyway, Goldstein’s photographs resonates the saying ‘A picture can tell a million words’ or something like that. The next time your daughter wants to look like a princess, flash them these photos and tell them to study! Here’s a quick list on the images.

Snow White , barefoot and pregnant. Prince Charming turns out to be a loser.

Jasmine on a jihad.

Little Red Riding Hood , a fattie fattie bo battie- no wonder the fox wants to eat her. 

Rapuntzel has cancer/chemo.

Cinderella may be an alkie. 

Check out Goldstein’s site for more cool photographs.

photos: Dina Goldstein

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