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British designer James Hock‘s latest collection is consists of only the colors red and black and a strong harlequin theme. Basically, it’s like the circus in an Asian restaurant. Lucky for James, I like the circus and I like Asian restaurants. The only thing I’m unsure of is the half shorts/half pants look. About 95% of the times that I wear pants, it means that I was too lazy to shave my legs. So those pants would just confuse me- to shave or not to shave?

Check out James’ older collection that belongs on Queen Latifah back in her U.N.I.T.Y days. I really like the boxy look, especially the ‘b*tch, get off my sidewalk’ shoulders. The last photo is something I’d wear to a cat show. Mr. Marmar could jump on my shoulder and use my hat as a scratching post. I love it all!

photos: Kingdom of Style

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This is all kinds of awesome! I just discovered Lyndon Wade’s fabulous art photography and I’m glad because this sits near the top shelf with David Lachapelle. Wade did a series called the ‘The Lyndon Show’, which is a series of circus side shows. Wade also did a series with references to the Alfred Hitchcock movie, The Birds, featuring scared little chirruns running away from black ravens. Epic stuff. Not only does Lyndon do artsy stuff on the side , but he also does commercial ads (dude gots to pay his rent!) like the masterpiece above for Fresh Step. I love it ! The face on the cat is priceless, although the face could also pass for a cat about to drop dead. 😦 Mr. MarMar is not amused.

Mr. Marmar

Anyway, I look forward to seeing more of Lyndon’s work.

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photos: Lyndon Wade, Moi

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clown1 clown2 clown3

 German designers, SILVIA HILLMANN and KATRIN WIENS,  of Pepper & Pistol have released their Fall 2009 collection with heavy influences from Barnum & Bailey. You may say that clown chic began with Goldfrapp‘s last album, Seventh Tree, but now it continues with Pepper & Pistol’s avant- guarde  interpretation of  a circus in the 1980s. My favorite is the tutu collared Sad clown face blouse in the second photo. It looks almost like a robot clown. I totally used to put a tutu around my neck when I was like 11 and walk around thinking I’m Queen Elizabeth! I still do that. 

Anyway, even though I like the collection above, I don’t think I would wear it because people would think I’m a defect from Britney Spear’s mess of a show. Didn’t Cher do this like 6 years ago? I think Britney may have a southern twist with possums and raccoons in her show, though. 

photos: Pepper & Pistol

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00090m 00110m 00430m 00450m

If there was a mismatch made in hell in the fashion world it would have been Vivienne Westwood and Pamela Anderson. This prophecy was fulfilled at the Vivienne Westwood Fall Ready- to-Wear  2009 show. Apparently Westwood didn’t take her meds while designing this collection because it was a complete mess from beginning to end. The red dye is starting to seep into her brain. Exhibit A- look above. I don’t even know where my eyes should rest. I think I have a headache. Moving on, I’m actually quite depressed about this. Viv is one of my most favorite designers ever-and she sort of let me down. Like in the way a parent promises to take you to the circus, but doesn’t and then buys you a candy bar to shut you up. But, I suppose the photos above are like going to the circus! but I still feel let down. 😦  Awwwww.

photos: Style

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Chrisrian Lacroix has a reputation of building an ensemble with so many different patterns and textures that may give onlookers a strained eye. In his 2009 Couture collection, Lacroix actually toned it down a bit (if you can believe it). No longer a circus show of the past, this collection was actually rich with embroidery fit for a Russian princess with Lacroix’ s signature  splash of bright colors and whimsy. My favorite from the entire collection is the first photo of a blue suit. That ensemble is sure to make any lady look like a porcelain doll, or Dita Von Teese, which in my book is the epitome of beauty. The one thing about Lacroix is his ability to maintain his signature look throughout all these years and still have people recognize his designs without looking at the tag or asking. That, to me, is a an achievement.

photos: Style

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