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nOir jewelry and DC Comics have joined forces together to bring you jewels from Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. These are not  your Cracker Jack box trinkets, but jewels made of gold and Cubic Zirconia. I’m a big fan of CZ, by the way. It’s like champagne looks for beer prices. Anywho, my fave is naturally the Catwoman claws. I have three rings similar to in that I wear when I’m venturing out into unchartered, sketchy territories such as my beauty shop in South Central LA.  The Gotham ring is pretty rad, too. nOir also has a  gold Brooklyn Bridge ring on their site. I like all of them, except when are they going to make  jewelry inspired by the James Bond girls? That I would die over!

photos: nOir jewelry


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If you want to save on a manicure or tips, this is the way to go…. Aaaaaannd you can remove them when you need to go to the bathroom! These would make wonderful weapons since they made from metal. Well done, Danielle! And if you need a vial to carry blood- here it is, also by Danielle Nicole!

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photos: Danielle Nicole Metals

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Sometimes on Teacups and Couture, I have to mix it up for my street peeps with street fashion. This falls under street fashion /border line Hot Topic (eeek)/ Dungeons and Dragons. But , I had to blog about this because I find this strange and unique and they are made from leather , NOT PVC, thankfully. The claws I can do without, too costumey and can’t access your metro/credit cards while you’re in line at the supermarket. The creature backpack would be cool if it was in hot pink. Pink always tones down the depression/seriousness in anything, including guns. I like how the creature vomits out your cell phone. Niiiiiice.  And the last photo are leather batwings. A must for any goth looking to get pat down at security before entering any federal/state building. 

I must confess I used to read those Choose your own adventure books by Dungeons and Dragons when I was a kid. Revolt of the Dwarves was my Fave. I used to skip to the end and read backwards. Then I grew out of that and started reading Judy Blume crap

photos: Bob Basset

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