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Designer Phuong Thuy Nguyen must use the crap out of his Singer knitting machine! I have done alot of posts on knitwear lately, but I think this one is my favorite. It’s like the really heavy acrylic (?) yarn that only a midwestern granny can master. I really do love the shapes and silhouettes Phuong has created. It’s like so futuristic, but so 70’s simultaneously. Speaking of knit and the 70’s, my mom had made this hideous macrame owl that used to sit on our doorstep with a pot of fern placed strategically in it’s mouth. It was brown and smelled like a basement. It kinda looked like this, but huge, like 6 feet tall. Don’t get me wrong, my mom had mad skillz for making sh*t like that, but Dang! it was downright FUG. Apparently, she sold it for a pretty penny to a midwestern lady. See, it all comes back to the midwest- only they can appreciate knit-anything! Check out Phuong’s ( that name makes me crave some delicious Pho) Site for more cool stuff!

photos: Phuong Thuy Nguyen

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Kousuke Tsumura is my new favorite dude that makes purdy clothes. He used to work with Issey Miyake, but now does stuff on his own including the masterpieces above. It’s a whole line of interchangeable puzzle pieces to make anything you want including a dress, scarf, or headpiece. I think this is fashion at its best because it’s like you can customize your own outfit and it could be one of a kind. The puzzle pieces are made of a soft blanket like material. Also, if one piece gets skanky or gross with, like ketchup stains or baby vomit, you could totally switch out that piece for a new one. The designs have something to do with babies, cocoons and mommies,  yadda, yadda , yadda. Click here to read about , if you care.  If you like Tsumura’s designs above, then click here to see more of what that came from. 

I want this. 


photos: Kousuke Tsumura

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