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recreating a Bjork look!

Princess Leia... yes, that's a bathrobe.

Padme wiglet

mini Bjork Buns

Single ballet-style bun


A little box of greatness was sitting at my doorstep again the other day. Yes, a box of hairstuff by the illustrious Tressa the Hairdressa!!! This time it was Princess Leia buns, Bjork buns, a Padme bun and a Dragonfly hairclip that were sent! I love these buns because it has a net underneath that allows you to just put your hair up and then place the buns over your own hair. It’s really fuss-free and you don’t have to have hair down to your butt to do it. Win-Win, dahhhling. Anyway, the Bjork buns are my favorite because I used to wear Bjork buns in high school. Except I had to use like a trillion bobby pins to keep it up. The upside was that I always had a bobby pin for any occasion, like picking a lock or something. Check out the Dragonfly hairclip made of hair! That’s pretty killer! And for all the Star Wars fanatics, the Princess Leia buns and Padme bun is puuuurrrrrfect for your next Comic-Con adventure or just any occasion involving geeks. Check out Puppycatmeow’s etsy shop for her new creations!

photos: booboo, fifi

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pecko1-6478049dt pecko1-6478037v250 pecko1-6478157dt pecko1-6478175v250

Check out this collection for all the Star Wars Nerds of the Galaxy! Storm troopers, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, C3PO and R2D2 never looked so stylish! Really. They never looked stylish. Ever. I think if I saw someone wearing this on the street, I would pull their pants down and run, cackling into the night. What’s weird is Marc Ecko designed these. He’s the dude that plasters the men section of Macy’s with ‘urban’ clothing. Something tells me if you wear this in Compton, you’ll get shot at. Not for them to rob your clothes, but just for fun. This should come with a warning label  stating it can only be worn during Comic-Con.

photos: Marc Ecko

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dsc02916 dsc02917 dsc02920 dsc02918 6bda9df4-s1 dsc02928 dsc02926

Is that weird? So, walking around Comic-Con was great for me because I got some great fashion tips from the Dolls of Comic-Con. These are some adorable dolls that make me excited, but some creeped out. (Especially, if you have a room full of dolls staring at you !) I have one of those rooms so I’m totally used to it! Anyway, these dolls are from Toffee and The Valley of the Dolls (Pullip dolls). I need to get that deer head purse! It just screams, ‘Avant-guarde’ or ‘psychotic’!

photos: Me!

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dsc02922 dsc02938 dsc02957 dsc02959 dsc03126

Here are some of my favorite photos from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. I always get excited going to Comic-Con , mainly because I love to see everyone’s fupe outfits. Although, I do enjoy the designer vinyl toy shops like, KidRobot, Giant Robot and Munky King. See tomorrow’s post for cool, collectible dolls unveiled at Comic-Con.

Until then…..Enjoy!

and here I am! (dressed for the Tim Burton “Alice in Wonderland” press conference!)


PS- I NEED this !

dsc02904 from Munky King

photos: Me!

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Whenever, I visit NYC , I make sure I stop by Girl Props in Soho. With its zebra pattern facade, It’s  hard to miss on West Broadway and Prince Street. Here are a few of my favorite picks. I think I got into the comic book look after I went to Comic-Con in San Diego this past summer , not to mention the exhibit at The Met , ‘Superheroes- Fashion & Fantasy’. I wrote an article on it here. For an avid synth-pop fan like myself, the keyboard is perfect! I dig the tape , too… I used to make mixed tape all the time. You could even hear myself stopping the tape on the tape. I recorded music from everywhere, my friends’ tapes, the radio, off MTV. Then the CD came and fuped it all up. But in a way, the CD was cool because you could skip to your favorite song and rewind in one button. But, then the ipod came and that was a stroke of Genius! I don’t even listen to the radio or MTV anymore- it’s like I have MY world of music without having to wait through a god awful song to get to a better one! I like that. 

photos: Girl Props

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