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See ! I got your attention with ‘Diamond’…, but alas, there are no diamonds. Sorry for the cheap lure. Anyway, Lake And Liberty designed these leather Elizabethan ruffs for your gymp in waiting. NO! They’re just Elizabethan ruffs done tastefully in leather. I always thought those ruffs resembled those cones that dogs wear after visiting the vet to prevent them from licking their butt. The dog always ends up with a tragic face when he realizes the ‘cone of shame’ is in the way of such tasty treasures. YUM! Anyway, these ruffs are pretty cool for a modern take on those old-timey collars. I was Queen Elizabeth one year for Halloween and I ended up making a ruff from a toddler’s tutu. No joke. It was a ghetto ruff if ever there was one. I’m gonna have to go through my archives for visual proof! These ruffs will class up a t-shirt or dress without looking costume-y. Actually, it probably will look like a costume, but nobody cares anyway…

photos : Outsapop

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