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Our favorite cheeky designer whipped out his 3D glasses for his collection. No one told him you don’t need 3D glasses with Beth Ditto! Kidding! She looks wonderful. Love her flapper-style hair, actually. I liked Gaultier’s latest collection, but I didn’t love love it. I was torn between the Joan Jett mullet and the David Bowie suit. It’s like, so cool from the neck down and Central Floridian trailer trash from the neck up.  I think my favorite out of the bunch was the peach corset in the fourth photo. Corsets are what Gaultier does best, in my opinion… wish there was more of that in this collection. Besides that, those pointy shoulders are pretty cool, too.

photos: Style

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I love Maya Hansen’s “Cake Corset Collection”! It’s so yummy! With names like ‘Mint Chocolate Corset’ and ‘Cherry Blue Corset’, you’re going to want to have a cupcake party with everyone wearing corsets! ….. maybe not. Click here for an actual cupcake corset.  But, I do like the color combinations and extra ruffles. You can never have too many ruffles! And you can never have too many ruffled curtains.  Also, I thought I’d throw in some Kiss and Metallica corsets… trying to balance the sweet with some rock!

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photos: Maya Hansen, Fashion 156

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The Blonds are on my radar after reading about Miley Cyrus’ Peacock Corset on several other blogs. So I  put on my Sherlock Holmes cap and did some heavy duty research (I googled them) and saw that they actually have collections. I’m surprised because they aren’t on Style.com’s directory and they should be. I mean this is Couture, y’all! These are some gorgeous creations that remind me of a little bit of  Heatherette.  Completely showstopping, their corsets are beyond ornate! I mean each piece must weigh more than an Olsen.I think my fave is the pink feathers outfit. Soooooooooo gorgeous! By the way, the last photo are The Blonds- dang! They look like Nordic beauty queens! Bravo!

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photos: The Blonds

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British designer Rachel Freire designed these fantastic corset, undergarment, football inspired outfits. I am completely in love with all of them. I love that nude color and the garters the best. That last photo of the extra long corset sort of looks like a venus fly trap devouring your upper body. Hawt. It looks like it could be claustrophobic. I like how Rachel gave thought to the crotch zipper in the nude bodysuit (third photo). I mean, the worst part of wearing a bodysuit is going to the damn bathroom. So back in the day, I used to be in a punk band called The L.U.V.’s (I went by ‘Roxy Lady’, naturally) and I wore a latex hot pink bodysuit on stage. I had to go the bathroom so bad after the show. I had to take the whole bodysuit off, which took a good 15 minutes. Try doing that in a NASTY nightclub bathroom. Anyway, long story short, crotch zippers are a ‘good thing’ as Martha would say.

photos: Kingdom of Style

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A Mexican theme ran through every vein of this collection. Sombreros? Check. Cigars? Check. Mariachi band? Check. All that was missing was tequila with a worm in it (nastiness!). As much as I want to love the collection because I really love Gaultier’s vision, I can’t. The collection wasn’t elegant enough to be passed off as a couture collection. However, there were maybe three looks towards the end that were really fantastic — one of which was a white corseted, over-the hips jacket with a hoop skirt covered lightly with brown and yellow brown feathers and a white feather crown to match (third photo). I still believe in Gaultier, though. Maybe he should lay off the margaritas for now. There is always next season.

PS- Here is Gaultier’s take on cats in corsets… I know, so RANDOM!


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1687-2 1687-31687-4

Does Marlies Dekkers make underwear for the geriatric and handicapped? Somehow I think she’s crossed generations instead of decades by accident. Her undies are actually cool, it’s the props that make it odd. I’m all for odd, but when you’re incorporating a walker that my batty neighbor owns, it gets to be questionable. I do like the different styles of corsets above. I have a corset collection (the real kind with steel bones) of approximately  90. Most all were custom made by a wonderful company in Orange, CA called Versatile Fashions. It comes in handy during Halloween and a formal night on the town. Here are some photos of me in corsets.

photos: Fashion 156

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File this under Ewww. I am a huge fan of corsets and have a collection of custom steel boned corsets (about 150 corsets) . But. this. is. going. too . far.

The “corsets” above are actually piercings on the back  using hyperdermic needles or ring jewelry to create the “grommets” on a corset and then threaded with ribbons or lacing. Ouch! Piercings are okay, but in my opinion,  too much is questionable in terms of health and safety.   This is not hot.

This reminds me of London’s Torture Garden  .

Click here to see the world’s smallest waist!

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