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Here are a mix of the Moschino show and the Cheap & Chic by Moschino shows. I’m too lazy to post a separate post. Anyway, The Moschino show featured cowboy hats which totally remind me of Destiny’s Child. I’ve been guilty of that trend. Go ahead throw my ass in solitary confinement. Anyway, I had to post the pink violin handbag because I go kookoo for handbags that look like everyday things. For instance, I have this one vintage Moschino handbag that looks like a milk carton (see below) and I tried to fit a few baby bottles in there when my son was a baby. It didn’t fit and now I have no clue what to wear it with. But it’s so dang cool! But, as the dress says above, Fashion Must Go On!

photo-on-2010-03-01-at-1436PS- I have no idea why the handbag looks like it took a photo in a mirror. How vain! I took it with Photobooth on my MAC in case you’re wondering.

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