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POOFskirts on Etsy has the gear for that one tacky raver with the binky hanging around her neck. I mean, I’ve been there and done that like a over decade and half ago- so I can’t really hate. Two things come to mind when pom-poms come to mind: Bobby socks and arts & crafts at a daycare. I have a pair of bobby socks with a neon pink pom pom at the ankle. One fell off so it looks like quite pathetic. But I wear it anyway. My son likes to stick googly eyes to large pom poms for a gaggle of fuzzy monsters. I think googly eyes on each pom pom on this skirt could qualify it to be borderline creepy. That may just work to the skirt’s advantage. If you’re about to rave through the night and/or want to entertain small children, this just may be for you.

photos: Style Bubble

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Dear Rodarte,

I suspect District 9 , Predator, and Swamp Thing were on your Netflix the week before you designed your Spring 2010 collection. Although both movies ( with the exception of Predator) are totally the bomb, the fashion was not, particularly, anything to replicate, let alone be a glimmer of inspiration. Looking at your collection,  I have an explained  urge to gymp ( not in the Pulp Fiction sense of the term, but in the  cheezy, tween craft sense of the term.) I’ll let you know if I have any extra weed whacking string to donate ’cause I’m cool like that.

Your pal,


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Get Simply Spray! My loveseat was white with a touch of  cat piss here and there and I decided to something about it. Since I am terrible at re-upholstering and also lazy, I decided a spray paint would fit into my schedule. As you can see above, the afternoon of crafts was well worth it! I used about 4 cans of Simply Spray-Poppy Red fabric paint ( apparently, there is one specific for upholstery, but I accidentally used the one for apparel- still came out good!) to do the entire loveseat. It only took me an hour (barely) and dried within a couple hours! I was afraid the red would be like Chinese restaurant red, but it actually came out pink! Pink is my favorite! You’d think the fabric becomes stiff, but it doesn’t. I also went ahead and spray painted the wood gold ( paint for wood) because I’m tacky like that. I am very pleased with the outcome and recommend Simply Spray … I’m going to play around with the other colors for apparel and let you know what kind of fupeness I can come up with. Stay tuned.

Check out Simply Spray’s site– Available at Michael’s and other craft stores.

And…It’s the ONLY non-toxic, non-flammable aerosol fabric paints! That’s cool.

**Simply Spray/Teacups & Couture Giveaway Contest**

The person with the most  retweets (twitter)  of  ANY of my posts (see green retweet button below) between now and September 4 (midnight PST) wins a 6-pack of Simply Spray Black Upholstery Spray. That’s enough to cover the fugliest couch that ever was!

How can I tell who retweeted my posts? Because I’m a hot bitch that knows all. No, because I can see it on the retweet thingy. Once the winner is determined, I will tweet you a message for an address on September 6. I will also announce the winner on September 7th on this blog.

So, start retweeting my posts- for the love of an un-fug couch.

Bonne Chance!

photos:  Moi!

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