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Because you know a dude is not gonna steal a bike named Nina! Write A Bike is the creation of French designer Juri Zaech and is at the prototype stage. So, you’re gonna have to wait a little bit for this one to hit the market. I really love the colors of the bikes, too. You know how some names are longer than others, like Hatmaguptafratarinagarosterlous? How does that work? And what if your name was a little malnourished and only two letters like, Ed? I think you would fall off the bike, is what. Anywho, I would totally get this if my fear of riding a bike would subside. Blame it on my brother running me over with a bike when I was 5. Thanks, man.

photos: Write A Bike

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20090921_hairhat_250x305 b31

Wig and Hair extraordinaire, Charlie Le Mindu created a lip-shaped wig for his Spring 2010 collection. It could look obscene if flipped sideways. I’m not even gonna go there! I like how there are 3 pairs of sunglasses. It reminds me of that statue in Soho, NYC with 8 pairs of  boobies. The other wig is more than a wig, it’s a fuping mask – Prince’s My Name is Prince style!  That was my jam back in the day! My name is Prince ’cause I am funky! I’ll spare you the lyrics even though they’re embedded in my brain until I die! Plus, I know you know them already. So, check out Charlie’s website– it’s really cool, especially, with the New Jersey  mafia housewife as a reoccurring character as the pages load.

Also, Check out PuppyCatMeow‘s awesome custom headband/ hair bow made by the delightful Tressa the Hairdressa! She does custom work and has a great section of non-custom cool stuff for hair. You may contact her for any wig/hair creations at puppycatmeow (at) hotmail.com ( make sure you put ‘hair bow ‘ in the subject line)  . I LOVE my HAIR BOW! Although, I’m not kookoo for Lady Gaga, that hair bow is the bomb! Thanks, Tressa, for making this for me!

UPDATE: Here is the link to PUPPYCATMEOW’s online boutique!


photos: NY magCharlie Le Mindu

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