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So,  I have to show you my gnome outfit I wore recently to my interviews with Elton John, Emily Blunt and James McAvoy for Gnomeo & Juliet. The movie was adorable! As a huge fan of gnomes ( Exhibit A and Exhibit B), I had to go all out and spread to everyone my freakish love for gnomes. Don’t laugh, but everyone has a weakness- mine happens to be miniature bearded men in pointy hats with an affinity for gardening.

I am wearing a skirt by Made With Love By Hannah, shoes by Irregular Choice, shirt from the depths of my closet, and cardigan by Anthropologie. Lilly pad/ladybug hair clip from Patricia Field‘s circa when I still had a pager and Hair Rosettes by ‘Tressa the Hairdressa’ from PuppycatMeow.

By the way, I wish they made this in my size! By DollFace girls.

photos: moi, DollFace girls

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One thing I suck at is origami. Seriously, even my paper airplanes can’t fly! My origami boats are all lopsided and sad. Fortunately, I leave that to the professionals (my 5 year old) and just step away from the paper. I remember I had this friend who would make  a cloth dinner  napkin into a penis. I’d get up from the table for five minutes and I’d come back with a penis napkin on my plate. What’s wrong with a damn swan?! Anyway, Origami Jewelry has memorialized the art of origami into cute  silver and gold necklaces. My favorite is the bunny, of course. I hope I didn’t given them any ideas for an origami penis necklace. Actually, that maybe a hot seller. Your welcome, Origami Jewelry!

photos: Origami Jewelry

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Australian shop Lark is exactly the kind of store I LOVE! It’s filled with unique, cutesy, girly, vintage items that are destined to become heirlooms. ( I could be a little dramatic, right now because no one right is gonna use 40 year old soap.) Anyway, here’s a run down of everything I loved in their online store:

1. Fun Fact: I collect cuckoo clocks and gnomes. (That probably explains everything.) Anywho, these cuckoo clocks are extra-special because they’re FELT! Awesome is an understatement. But I predict it would be covered in cat hair by day 3 at my house. Even more FUN!

2. Deer soap- So vintage-y and Bambi-like. LOVE  it so much that I probably would never use it. Woe is me.

3. A Diner lunchbox/handbag- It’s a 1950s partaaay!

4.A pigtail kit- Because it’s a dire necessity in any girl’s life. I ordered two.

5. Vintage Dinner Placemat- Excellent way to remember which side the silverware goes. Also, an excellent way to serve food without dishes…. maybe not.

6.An owl purse- My Goldfrapp obsession continues…

7. Felt deer’s head- Brilliant!!!! No deers died for that, but the felt felt something.(Gong! Wait one more.. almost done….)

8.Teacup gift wrap- But, of course!

Okay, you can use the hook now.

photos: Lark

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Central Saint Martins graduate Onez Lau’s  2010 collection was a homage to cute woodland creatures like unicorn, birds and deers. I have to say the unicorn is pretty clever and the most cute out of all three. However, the other two, the bird and the deer, are just caaaarrrrrraaazy. I mean, if my neighborhood hobo with dreadlocks wore this, I would think , “Poor thing, he must be really cold piling on every sweater, feather and fur remnant there ever was on him. He must’ve gone through a West Hollywood dumpster a day after the Pride Parade or Bill Cosby’s sweater emporium.”  Having said that, I’ll take the My Little Pony Parker, please!

photos: Fashion 156

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Photographer Lissy Elle shows the eerie and the beauty of the woodland forest. As a woodland forest fan (only because of the gnomes (yeah, that’s me), deer and bunnies) I really like these photos. It’s like the set is telling a story. Like after you have a tea party alone in the woods, get the hell out before it gets dark or some crazed, serial killer is gonna chop off your arms and carry them all dainty-like in a fruit basket. I think that’s what Lissy’s trying to convey. Having said that, I’m gonna stay away from the woods for a little while. Check our her flickr for more cool photos, especially the gravity-defying images.

photos: Kingdom of Style

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Check these cool hats by Zara Carpenter and Dadaya!

Let’s start with the wounded Bambi- As you may know, I love gnomes and deer. So this would be fantastic addition to my wardrobe. Although, the arrows in the deer’s butt is cruel, I still like it because it’s so macabre. It costs about $450, so I better start saving those pennies!

The mini-beret is adorable! Perfect for my gnome in my garden!

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photos: Zara Carpenter, Dadaya

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I know whenever Jean-Charles Castelbajac shows a collection, it’s sure to be fan-friggin’-tastic! I mean, a lego fashion show, Muppet-mania… what else can he do to win my childlike heart? BAMBI, wurd! My love for Bambi came around the time I started going potty by myself, but I still get a flutter in my tummy when I see the doe-eyed deer (did I just say deer twice?). Anyway, as you may know, anything involving a forest full of woodland creatures wins my vote! Especially, cartoony ones. Although the silver outfit above is also winning my heart. Having said that, I’m craving baked potatoes.

PS- Why doesn’t Style.com have any of Castelbajac’s collections online?? Seriously, they’d better RECOGNIZE!

photos: Red Carpet Fashion Awards

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