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Student designer Klara Kalicz  of  MOME, the Hungarian University of Art and Design, came up with a brilliant collection of metal backbones and what looks to me as plastic tubing?? It’s like a project with materials from The Home Depot, which I always thought is a great challenge I would love to do one day. I would totally head straight to the plumbing department and raid the copper crap. I love copper- it’s like antique-y, yet robotic. Anywho, who knew a Hungarian could design non-gypsy clothes?! I love it! I’m thinking I should take a bunch of triangle paper clips and put it on my head. I like how fashion gives me a license to do effed up stuff like that. Let’s keep our eye on Klara…

photos: Kingdom of Style

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Because you know a dude is not gonna steal a bike named Nina! Write A Bike is the creation of French designer Juri Zaech and is at the prototype stage. So, you’re gonna have to wait a little bit for this one to hit the market. I really love the colors of the bikes, too. You know how some names are longer than others, like Hatmaguptafratarinagarosterlous? How does that work? And what if your name was a little malnourished and only two letters like, Ed? I think you would fall off the bike, is what. Anywho, I would totally get this if my fear of riding a bike would subside. Blame it on my brother running me over with a bike when I was 5. Thanks, man.

photos: Write A Bike

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Providence, R.I.  based, Salvagge , breathe new life into bottle caps, vinyl records, and paint can lids by turning them into functional housewares or funky jewelry. They must have staked out all the alcoholics’ homes  in Providence … because one door curtain uses 550 bottle caps! That’s a lot of booze! Kidding! My favorite are the paint lids with old Revlon ads that are now coasters. I sort of want to send them all my CDs that I don’t need anymore and see what they come up with. At the moment, I use them as frisbees for my cats. I think I’m gonna stop, though. I’m afraid this will happen….

photos: Salvagge

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