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Artist Peter Gronquist pimped his weapons ‘couture-style’ by putting logos on everything from chainsaws to uzis. Quick question: If you get mugged by someone with one of these guns, would you drool and swoon before dropping your wallet or would you still be scared sh*tless? For me, I would try to get into that ‘cool equipment’ banter and try to convince the mugger that I’m ‘on his side’ and stuff and maybe even suggest holding up someone less fashionable- ‘ya know what I mean? Actually, I’d probably run. Anyway,  I can totally picture Donatella Versace’s bodyguards toting a Versace machine gun while she chain smokes under the scorching Miami sun. Check out Peter’s site for other fupe stuff including a Mickey Mouse Jesus and a fruity Darth Vader.

photos: Peter Gronquist

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Danish Design School recent graduate, Anne-Sofie Madsen,  is surely one to keep on your radar. Her soft textured, creamy designs are perfect for that dreary fall/winter day or night needing a splash of fantasy. My favorites are the shoulders on the dress in the  second photo- very  reminiscent of  Balmain. The coat in the third photo is fantastic as it reminds me of a coat my mother gave me from her collection. I remember my mother wearing it as I was a child and now, years later, I wear it with the same grace . I will stop the sap right there!   Yes, I look like a sheep dog wearing it, but I am a graceful sheep dog.

photos: Style bubble

The Winner of the **Simply Spray/Teacups & Couture Giveaway Contest** is Vanessa Grant from Canada!!

Vanessa had with the most  retweets (twitter)  of  ANY of my posts (see green retweet button below) between Aug 28 and September 4 (midnight PST)  and won a 6-pack of Simply Spray Black Upholstery Spray.


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oliver-theyskens cov_halston halston-circa1977

Nina Ricci recently let go super talented designer,  Olivier Theyskens.  That prompted Anna Wintour to write this scathing letter:


Three weeks later, rumor has it that Halston will snatch up Oliver before anyone else does. I think that’s a good move on Halston’s part. To me, Halston is 

a fashion house from the ’70s that never evolved with the times like Gucci.  I think Oliver will revive Halston back from the disco dead and give Halston that cutting edge air it needs. Halston reminds me of that Jordache look, with blue eye shadow and feathered back hair. As a matter of fact, Halston was licensed to JC Penney so my visions are not too far of.  Let’s hope Oliver gives Halston the makeover it terribly needs. 


photos: Media bistro , Fashion copious

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