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Viktor & Rolf ‘s Spring 2010 collection  had a cheeky take on the current state of the economy- cut backs on the ball gown. I thought it was remarkably done and once again proves the Dutch duo are  geniuses stuck in clones of Dieter’s body. I love the use of tulle in anything! It reminds me of a ballerina, princess, or fairy. Yes, my taste still reflects a 4 year old girl’s fashion sense. I still shop at Gymboree. For myself. Anyway, the show must have spectacular with Róisín Murphy (the women Lady Gaga supposedly steals her looks from) performing during the show. Looking at these photos, try to picture the bolts and bolts of tulle used to create ONE dress- amazing!

photos: Style

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Dutch photographer/artist , Hendrik Kerstens, latest work involves plastic bags, toilet paper rolls and toilet paper. Sounds like my son’s items of choice for an afternoon of crafting or his diaper disposal. Anyway, the above are a few of this bizarre art that is display at some unlucky art gallery. That chick looks like she’s ready to quit this b*tch! The last photo reminds of Dieter for some odd reason- it could be the black turtle neck speaking to me. Visit Hendrik’s site to see where you can view this mess. 


photos: Hendrik Kerstens

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