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Designer Kobi Levi came up with these outrageous shoes guaranteed to cause mass WTF looks on the street. So, if you’re wearing one of these pairs of shoes on the street and you hear a loud crash, pat yourself on the back for causing an accident. Anyway, I have to say these are super creative, especially the decapitated blow-up doll shoes in the second photo. I think I would actually wear the bubble gum heels. The dog shoes are out of the question just out of respect for Mr. Marmar and his posse. And the double boot must look freaky on. Reminds me of the cover of that Philip Starck book with the head on backwards on his own body. Freaky!

photos: James St. James

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So I scoured the web again and came up with these odds and ends. I wasn’t sure how to file these, so I just decided to throw a post with just a hodgepodge of unusual fashions. Forgive me for not citing which is what designer. I’m lazy today and let’s just say I’m concealing their identity for their own good. Let’s get on with it , shall we?

1. Fugly Chaps- Apparently, these are upcycled pants. So, it went from Fug to SuperFug with more effort. Hooooowwww is that possible?

2.The fluffy white dress- I actually sort of like this because it reminds me of Bjork’s fuzzy sweater on the cover of her Debut album . I can see her wearing this. I can see myself wearing this. It looks so fuzzy and cuddly, as if you’re wearing a billowy cloud. Actually, with this dress, there are no need for cat-cuddles. Mr. MarMar will strike upon me at any moment after that comment.

3.Lobster Garters- That’s all sorts of wrong. Crustaceans should not be hanging near your lady parts. At least they’re not crabs. having said that, I’d love a steamed lobster with drawn butter, please.

4. The Cone head- I’m sorry, but you gotta add some ruffles if you want a more Elizabethan look. This just looks like veterinary paraphernalia. That chick’s head looks alien.


photos: Kingdom of Style, Diane Pernet

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