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Belgium born, Natalia Brilli, must have watched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom one too many times. She designed a hard case purse in the shape of a skull (let’s pretend it’s a monkey) that opens like those chilled monkey brains in the Palace in the Indy movie. Everyone remembers that scene. The eyeball soup, the chilled monkey brains, the child emperor. Click here if you don’t what the eff I’m talking about. Okay! Let’s think of rainbows and waterfalls and fairies and glitter, now!  Surprisingly, what’s more bizarre is the pineapple. Maybe she was making a statement with ‘abundance and quality’. Pineapples are a symbol of abundance and quality in Italian culture. Or maybe she’s a fan of Dole.  In any case, these are purses that will break the ice at any party.

photos: Natalia Brilli

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