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If your doll’s shoes have gone missing in the past few months, look no further, the doll foot fetish lurking in  jewelry designer Tom Binns must have swiped them to make this immaculate piece of jewelry! Seriously, that’s a lot of barefoot Barbies. Good thing Barbie can’t get pregnant… or CAN she? Anywho, Moss Online offers this for sale but the price is available upon request. Usually, they say ‘price available upon request’ when they know that you’re gonna shoot them a ‘b*tch please ‘ side-eye  after finding out the price. I say just go to your neighborhood playground and start gathering lost doll shoes, then string it all together and throw it around your neck. Voila! And if it kid cries for her doll’s shoe, tell her that Cinderella story, but stop before the part where she gets the shoe back…. yeah, that’s the ticket.

photos: Moss Online

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Check out these AWESOME necklaces and rings at We Wear on Etsy ! I’m dying over the carousel necklace and ring. Seriously, I love love love carousels and ride one every time one is in my path. It used to be silly before I had a child, now I use him as a cover. Anyway, they are all hand-made and will color the carousels to your preference. I also saw a house ring on at the store that I adore. My doll-obsession continues (yes, that’s me!) with these pieces. Yessssssss!Check out their Etsy store for more cool stuff, like a vintage airplane ring and bunny ring.

photos: We Wear on Etsy

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Here’s a some cool stuff I found at Brooklyn shop, Fred Flare this month:

1. Lady umbrellas for those wonderfully, cozy rainy days. I like the middle one most. Hopefully, the head doesn’t pop off during severe storms.

2. The Tulip USB hub. Fantastic for the garden-challenged, but the tech-savvy. I’ll take two.

3.Russian Doll measuring cups. It may inspire you to make borscht and piroshkis. Or not.

4. The submarine teabag. Cleverly designed, this little sub can brew a any variety tea. And, of course it’s yellow.

There you have it!

photos: Fred Flare

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Designer Margaux Lange woke up one day and decided to dismember her Barbies and wear them as adornments around her body. Gotta love Marge! This totally reminds me of when I was a youngster and would tear apart Barbies as if I were cannibal preparing for the night’s feast or as if  I were Lauren Conrad and the Barbie was Heidi Montag. Anyway, I love this however, because I’m a twisted soul, I would dab a bit of red nail polish around the the limbs. You know, for a bit of horror. These pieces are around $100-$150 at her Etsy store.

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photos: Margaux Lange

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Belgian fashion designer Anna Heylen had made miniature versions of her fashion lines for dolls back in 1993. She recently resurrected them and can be seen at her shop in Antwerp. You can read about why she does this …blah blah blah, here. I think it’s a great idea to show your clothes on dolls. I mean you save tons of money and you don’t have to deal with bitchy or late models. Score! Anyway, I threw in some dolls of Lady Gaga made by a devoted fan while we’re on the subject. And by devoted , I mean rabbit stew and flicking lamps.


photos: Style Bubble , Trend de la Creme

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Is that weird? So, walking around Comic-Con was great for me because I got some great fashion tips from the Dolls of Comic-Con. These are some adorable dolls that make me excited, but some creeped out. (Especially, if you have a room full of dolls staring at you !) I have one of those rooms so I’m totally used to it! Anyway, these dolls are from Toffee and The Valley of the Dolls (Pullip dolls). I need to get that deer head purse! It just screams, ‘Avant-guarde’ or ‘psychotic’!

photos: Me!

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