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This Russian Doll Ring is on my hotlist for wanted stuff  (hint, hint). I love how it opens and reveals a smaller doll. How useless!…. but beautiful. As you may know, I collect Russian doll stuff, from fabric to handbags to jewelry, so this one would blend nicely in my boudoir.  Anyway, show your love for Mother Russia with this ring make sure you have your Leninade in hand for the ultimate Russian fashion statement!

photos: Noir Jewelry, Leninade

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hairy-chest-1 chest-bib

Australian drink Solo has made these chest bibs for men in case they want to flaunt their patch of fur , Chuck Norris style. I’m not too crazy about hairy chests… even though I love furry animals. I know, so contradictory. Hairy chests remind me of the Marlboro Man and 1970s baseball players. What really is the nastiest of all nasty things is hair on the back, like Bigfoot style. You can’t really tell the person either, you just have to put Nair in their lotion and pray. Here’s a clip from the soft drink that sparked this post…. so ’80s!



photos: Trend de la creme

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