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I am sort of liking the half and half look at Alexis Mabille’s show. A far drastic look compared to her last collection, like in this post. I can’t help to think of this when it comes to half and half outfits. Or this (love the facial hair on one side). Anyway, this would be cool to wear when you’re trying to lose someone in a crowd… and the world was two dimensional. This look is sort of cartoony, which is probably why I like it. That wedding dress is definitely for a shotgun wedding, by the way. I didn’t know Alexis was a dude (who looks like he could have been on the bus to Cartagena in Romancing the Stone)  until I saw this photo. I seriously thought it would be a lady as ravishing as this Alexis.

photos: Style

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Artist Patrizio di Renzo work is a beautiful sight of the haute couture of the 1980s coming to life. It’s like Dynasty had a baby with a mime from the Venetian (or Spy vs. Spy) and it created a Japanese Grace Jones! STELLAR! Anyway, I would totally wear these black and white outfits here. It would be like Where’s Waldo. So, Serge Lutens did a Shiseido ad campaign back in the 1980s. Do you think Patrizio took inspiration from this? Check out the sickle on her finger! She ready to cut a b*tch up! I want that.

photos: Fashion 156

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Thanks to Marc Jacobs, the horrid 1980s shoulder pads, pleated pants and ballon skirts are back. I thought these looks were banished to your local Salvation Army forever, -but, NO- Marc decided to regurgitate it back on the runways. The looks above are actually the better looks out of the whole show. Go to Style to view the entire show and thank me later for sparing you your eyes. You’ve been warned. Anyway, looking at this collection methinks that Marc was watching a Dynasty marathon whilst listening to Klaus Nomi and eating  Rolos. (MMMM, ROLOS) Here’s a photo of my favorite Carrington (she’s wearing Gold (the gaudiest one of all, of course!).


photos: Style and The Gaurdian UK

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Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring 2009 show was heavily influenced by Pajamas. Not Eddie Bauer flannel pajamas, but rather the slinky, satin pajamas associated with glamour and luxury. I think this collection was cleverly designed, although there are a few pieces that are questionable. The overall shape and silhouette of the collection was of an easy fit, but the large shoulders are a little tough to carry on a petite woman. Perhaps ,if ‘Dynasty’ was still around, big shoulders would be appropriate. All in all, I think Dolce & Gabbana took a risk with the pajama theme and it turned out fine in my opinion.

photos: style 

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