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Marie Cramer, a recent graduate at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp designed these magnificent works of art  called,  “Like a Painting”. Beautiful, sumptuous fabrics (sort of like the curtains at a Four Seasons Hotel) formed egg shapes like the ones carried on each models’ head. Faberge Eggs have a special place in my heart. I once bought a set of three Faberge -style eggs from a store in NYC that reminds me of that store in Vegas where Michael Jackson would go in and say, ‘You whoooooo..” Anyway, I used two of those Faberge-style eggs during the ceremony to hold our wedding rings on our wedding day. It was pretty damn special, if you ask me. So, I adore this collection and only wish it was socially acceptable to walk around with an egg on your head and not look foolish. Because I would do it everyday with these egg hats! I loves it!

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I searched the internet for the designer of this masterpiece, but it was unfruitful. I wonder if the eggs break if you sit on it. I sort of assumed the same theory applies from that of the bed of nails (this link is so wrong in so many ways). Maybe not. Those hens must be soooo pissed . You know this belongs to the pimp hen. You know what would have been sweet? If they spray painted all the eggs gold! Ghetto Fabulous!!!  I’m sure this costs like a million dollars, but what do you do with it after a week? I’m sure P.Diddy is ordering one right now. 

photos: humour France

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