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Marchesa is one of my favorite designers. They focus on evening gowns and tend to be my favorite dresses whenever I watch an award show. Beautiful, yet modern- I cannot say this collection is innovative especially since I see bits of Givenchy. I do love it and think they are gorgeous, it’s just that the sheer, heavily-embroidered gowns have already been done recently. In any case, I can’t hate on Marchesa- after all, they are the ONLY American designers that would fit in comfortably at the  Paris Haute Couture shows and I respect that.

photos: Vogue

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John Galliano never ceases to amaze me. So many wonderful creations from a man that could be mistaken for your neighborhood eccentric on a bike decorated with junk. But see, that is what makes Galliano’s designs  so cutting edge and fresh, everything he touches has a flair of punk and irony. That is why he is one of my most favorite designers of all time. He has the balls to take a classic French house like Dior and turn it upside down and gives us this. This is what fashion is about – recession or not. It’s about escaping and dreaming of this world of full ball gown skirts, meticulous embroidery and color fit for any storybook tale. Galliano was inspired by Flemish ( Belgium) and Dutch (The Netherlands) arts this season, most apparent in the embroidery and patterns at the bottom of the skirts. Voluminous sleeves and skirts dominated the collection, bringing evoking thoughts of a fairy tale princess. Bravo, Monsieur Galliano!

photos: Style

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