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You know what I like when I see a stuffy suit ? A touch of cool and unusual here and there whether it be in the cufflinks or tie/bowtie or in a punky haircut or something. As long as they don’t look like a used car salesman, I’m good.  So, boys….. check out Retro Classy Cufflinks for cool cufflinks that can make the worst suit look awesome! My son would go ape sh*t for the Star Wars legos. Speaking of, we had a Star Wars marathon at the house, which entailed of every damn star wars movie there ever was, homemade Star Wars gingerbread cookies, and of course, putting together a Star Wars lego battleship. It was pretty intense.  By the way, Ewoks RULE! Miss Darcheen has some Ewok in her,  methinks:


photos: Retro Classy Cufflinks


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I just came back from NYC and it was dang cold! I wish I had this on hand to wear around because it was THAT cold! I would look like I work for Hazmat , but that’s kind of cool and elite since I’ve never met anyone that worked for Hazmat. I sound like Zoolander- sorry… so, the designer of these ‘sleeping bags’ or ‘snow suits’ is Lippi Selk. Now that I look at it, it looks so Ewokish! I LIKE that! Ewoks are so cute. I like that you can wear pajamas underneath and no one would know it. I pull ‘Michael Jackson’s’ all the time. A ‘Michael Jackson’ is when you wear your PJ’s underneath a big overcoat and go out in public to run errands and the such. What?

photos: sub studio

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I LOVE this bag! It’s a Rubik’s cube handbag by ‘Let’s Fly’. It retails for $18!!!! That is super cheap relative to the awesomeness of this bag. I grew up in the ’80’s so this fits right in with that nostalgia of my generation, including Atari, Ewoks, and Pac-Man. So, I am Netflixing the Star Wars with the Ewoks in it because I NEED to know where I can get that song where the Ewoks sing while they are working. I remember it as a child, but I want it in my IPOD for everyday listening pleasure.  I love Ewoks because my red -haired Persian cat, Darcheen looks just like an Ewok. Sooooo Cute! I know I went off track…. the Rubik’s handbag, I’m getting one!


photo: Yes Style

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