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Humans Since 1982 must have seen one too many Japanese horror movies. When I first saw this, it took me a good 5-7 minutes to realize that the eyes are actually a hair clip. So, that photo is actually the back of some lady (or lady dude’s head). Creepy, huh? That’s something to wear in a really long line of people. Either you’ll get lots of compliments or  side-eyes reserved for lunatics. Anywho, these are limited edition with only 50 and cost $90. I say just cut out a magazine with your choice of celebutard eyes and tape it to the back of your head. Voila! Or order them here.

photos: Billionaire Boys Club

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Designer Soomi Park has designed the strangely fascinating LED lashes ! I really like this because you never need a reading light. I wonder if things look hazy  if you blink too fast… Awesome! It’s like an instant RAVE! This puts glow sticks to shame. This should be mandatory for people with wonky eyes. However, I have a feeling if you cry… you’ll be screwed! What a way to go blind! I think I just talked myself out of this absurdity…Why does this remind of Laser Cat?? Watch below for the LED lashes in motion.

photo: Gizmodo

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154-eye-ring_2 154-eye-ring_3

Is it looking at me? or you? It’s like those people who have a room full of dolls and they’re all looking at YOU! Yes, I have a room like this! I just make sure I’m not watching a horror movie or anything mildly creepy… Sometimes my son’s toys go off in the middle of the night – THAT can be creepy. Until, I find a Persian cat licking it’s crotch near the toy.  I’m getting off track- Anyway- GingaSquid has designed this Blinking Eye Ring all out of vintage material. Somewhere a 1940s doll can’t see. Notice the silver tears- gang leaders don’t need to tattoo a tear near their eye anymore! They should hand this out in prison. I still want one.

photos: Ginga Squid

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