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John Galliano decide to shower us with a bouquet of flowers including the plastic floral wrap. All he was missing was the powdered flower food that no one every uses [insert own drug joke here]. I like how Galliano ignores the “plastic can suffocate for his models. But that’s not important… Take a look at each dress. Each one is a specific species of fleur. My favorite is the black one and the blue/pink gown. Such beauty! As usual, Johnny struck one of his infamous poses at the end and he’s wearing a beekeeper’s hat/veil. So fitting! I can’t hate on a genius. Truly. Viva Dior!

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Slava Zaitsev designed this haute couture collection called ‘Red Dior’ dedicated to the 100-year anniversary of Dyagilev’s Seasons in Paris. Sergey Dyagilev was the world-famous ballet impresario and founder of Ballets Russes, which enthralled Paris in the beginning of the 20th century.  With intricate embroidery, Zaitsev combined classic designs from the 1930’s with true Royal Russian dynasty flair. Russian style is making a comeback! The Cold War is over!

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