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Um , yeah. These are Uterus and Fallopian Tube underwear made  by someone on Craftster. So, if you’re itching (yeast infection, ie. “Baking bread” ) for a pair, you’re gonna have to make them yourself with puff paint. I have to say I would actually wear this.I would take an  afternoon trip to Michael’s and  I would make a pair with the Fallopian tubes tied into a neat little bow, for those who are saving the world from their offsprings. I would do a variation with different undies with different stages of the Uterus, so you can give your partner a heads up on the PMS that may be around the corner. I’d customize the undies with a copper IUD, for those traveling with metal in their whoo-has. The possibilities are endless! That’s the crafty side of me- give me an idea and I run with it until it gets too creepy. Sometimes I don’t stop. Anyway, you get the idea. This reminds me of that song about the growing epidemic of Cameltoes called, ‘Cameltoe‘ from Fannypack. One line goes, ‘Her pants were creepin’ up the front, girl adjust yourself ,’cause I can see your Uterus!‘ That song’s a Classic!


photos: Craftster

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Irregular Choice is one of my favorite shoe designers, I have several pairs of Irregular Choice shoes in my shoe collection. One of them is what I call my ‘camel toe heels’. I know, WTF is a ‘camel toe heel’?! Well, this masterpiece has a round toe but with a dent between the big toe and second toe, kinda like those Japanese socks. Click here if you have no idea what I mean. By the way, I can’t  not think of the song, ‘Cameltoe‘ from ‘Fannypack’. If you haven’t heard it, make sure you’re near a toilet when you do because you’ll piss yourself laughing. Anycameltoe, Blythe  teamed up with Irregular Choice to make a series of shoes with the wide-eyed doll featured on the shoe. I love it, but then again I love Dolls. I threw in an Emma Belle sweater for Irregular Choice. It has food like hamburgers, carrots and pizza on it. mmmm…

photos: Irregular Choice

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