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So I dyed my hair over the Christmas break since I was so sick of dyeing my hair fire engine red every 2 weeks for fear of the skanky look. Seriously, half the month my head was under a hat because the color was fading and the roots were sprouting. I put it end to that by dyeing my hair my natural color ( kinda funny to dye your hair your natural color). Anywho, the talented Tressa the Hairdressa sent me a whole new batch of hair creations in my new color from her Etsy shop Puppycatmeow. Above are some cute Valentine’s themed hair accessories and I will post soon about the  hair creations. I had to break it into 2 posts since there was so much stuff!My favorite is the Valentine Rose hat! It matches my Valentine’s rose corset from Victoria’s Secret from 1997! Yes, I still have it. And check out the red human hair extensions- pretty cool if I want to go punky for the day or night. Check out Puppycatmeow ‘s shop for awesome hair creations!

photos: Puppycatmeow

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Check out these hats from Italian hat designer Federica Moretti ! I love love love them! I think the snail hat is pretty rad. I would wear that to a French restaurant and say, “don’t eat me”- ahahahahahaha! I digress. Anyway, I can see a grown-up  Madeline wearing the hat in the first photo. Hats are one of my favorite accessories, but unfortunately when I wear one around my parts, I get the stared at like I’m wearing a damn ballgown to an Arby’s opening in Montana. Here is one hat  for the boys:

It’s like the love child of a hoodie, gladiator chest plates and a wicker chair from Boca Raton.

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photos: Kingdom of Style

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On one of my recent trips to NYC, I stopped by Henri Bendel (I’ve been going there since I was 13) and saw that they have switched to only accessories, jewelry and handbags. No more clothes and shoes. It’s so sparkley now! My cats would have a ball. Hell, I had a ball! Anyway, I stumbled upon these really cool hats by French hat designer, Selima. Each one is handmade at her studio/boutique on Bond Street in NYC and also is available at Henri Bendel. Selima provided hats for Malandrino’s Spring 2010 Collection and many socialites. Check out her cool site for custom made hats, blog and contact.

photos: Moi and Glendalys

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Check out these awesome hats from Tour de Force ! As you may know, I love love love hats. It’s just such a shame that when you wear a hat these days, people assume you’re a batty and confused woman that thinks she’s in an Audrey Hepburn movie. At least, that’s what I gather. Anyway, my personal faves are the the birdcage (of course!) and the red curly curls. Why, you ask? Because the red curls look like a cartoon and I strive to look cartoon-y as possible. And the birdcage, well, I’d wear that with a yellow feather sticking out of my mouth! What can I say….after living with three cats for so many years, you start acting like one.

Photos: Style Bubble

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Stephen Jones (above) , Piers Atkinson (below)


If you want a hat that really makes a statement, call on these two magnificent milliners, Stephen Jones and  Piers Atkinson. Each has their own unique sense of style- Jones with an elegant, vintage flair with a touch of quirk and  Atkinson with an outlandish, offbeat style that can be eccentric. Both are breathtaking, in my opinion, and deserve much success for their visionary take on covering a precarious, small space- the head. Having said that,  does this give me a license to put a nude Barbie on my head for the next soiree I attend? I think it does! Yessssss!

photos: Fashion 156

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Le Tour de Force designs quirky hats and  fascinators that would make even an ordinary face  extraordinary. As you may know, I LOVE hats and even have a department store hat rack in my closet. The thing about these fantastic hats is that if you wear them on a regular day , say…  grocery shopping or going to the post office , you know you’re going to get stares from the 2 year old that barely talks to the old lady with curlers still in her hair to the pissed off postal dude to the Chola cashier with an eyebrow ring to the hippie/beach bum who stinks like cheap wine standing behind you. There I just ran your average day at the post office  and grocery store. Well, that’s my average day. Anyway, these hats are fabulous and I wish I was invited to more Galas and Balls just so I can wear these.

photos: Kingdom of Style

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