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If your doll’s shoes have gone missing in the past few months, look no further, the doll foot fetish lurking in  jewelry designer Tom Binns must have swiped them to make this immaculate piece of jewelry! Seriously, that’s a lot of barefoot Barbies. Good thing Barbie can’t get pregnant… or CAN she? Anywho, Moss Online offers this for sale but the price is available upon request. Usually, they say ‘price available upon request’ when they know that you’re gonna shoot them a ‘b*tch please ‘ side-eye  after finding out the price. I say just go to your neighborhood playground and start gathering lost doll shoes, then string it all together and throw it around your neck. Voila! And if it kid cries for her doll’s shoe, tell her that Cinderella story, but stop before the part where she gets the shoe back…. yeah, that’s the ticket.

photos: Moss Online

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Famed Couture shoe maker , Christian Louboutin and filmmaker David Lynch (Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive)have collaborated for a show originally at Design Art London.  The exhibition, which included Lynch’s photographs of the 5 limited edition shoes alongside the lovely fetishistic shoes themselves, moved now to Galerie du Passage in Paris until November 3. Hopefully, this show moves to the US for us to enjoy and appreciate. I will keep my eye out  for it and let you know.

The shoes include a 26cms heel, spikes on the inside and sole of the shoe, and Siamese heels (two shoes fused at the heel) and a ballet shoe with a transparent sole ( my favorite!)

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photos: E today (Russian)

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