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Moschino Spring 2011, of course! I’m kinda liking this collection- the  polka dots, the stripes, the BOWS! The cowboy hat has got to go , though. Seriously, all I can think about is Destiny’s Child. Cheeeeeeze. Anyhow, I can see myself wearing all these outfits. My fave is the last outfit in red and purple polka dots. I think the bows on the collar make the look so dandy. So, the real question is: Would “The Nanny” still wear Moschino?  I have a feeling she would wear this collection, at least. I’m so happy that the Moschino is revived again- it was going through an ‘unfortunate department store’ phase for a while there. Glad to have the high fashion, whimsical look back at Moschino.

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I think I’ve died and gone to Fran Drescher  (‘The Nanny’) heaven! Maison Moschino Hotel opened recently in Milan and now I totally  have an excuse to go to Milan. I just need to scrounge 300 Euros, which probably $60,987 with all that inflation (that’s totally a discount compared to the Bush-era, by the way). Anyway, the hotel is based on a fairytale dream and is designed to reflect the Moschino style. Super-whimsical and modern simultaneously, this hotel is giving me ideas for my home. Although, I don’t know how the Mr. is gonna feel about sleeping on a giant velvet gown.

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At the Spring 2009 Moschino show, bows were ubiquitous, big ones, little ones, black ones and white ones. The show started with a monochromatic tone , but then quickly went into jewel tones of rose, emerald and topaz. My take on this collection was okay, nothing special, but not hideous.  I miss the days of the over the top, at times campy, whimsical Moschino of the late 1990s; when pasta trimmed the edges of skirts and blouses, when milk cartons and boxing gloves were inspiration for a handbag, when the union jack was the theme of an entire show and yes, when the nanny named Fran wore Moschino every week on a show called ‘The Nanny’. I think it’s time Moschino went back to its roots when Franco was alive. A more fun, quirky and tongue and cheek Moschino. I just hope Franco Moschino isn’t rolling in his grave.

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