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On a recent trip to Paris, I discovered this great chain of boutiques called La Chaise Longue. Unfortunately for me, this wonderful shop is only in France, but they do have a webshop. You can imagine the cost of shipping to the US. The one thing that I really loved and wanted was the mushroom table and stools. It would go perfect with my gnome-y atmosphere at home! But the shipping was pretty much equal to the cost of the set. Yikes! Here are my fave picks from this gem of a store:

1- Mushroom table set

2- High Heel Tea infuser

3-Reusable plastic tea infuser

4- Macaroon headphones

5-Telephone cuff links

6-Pastel knife set

Be sure to check out their cool site, La Chaise Longue.

photos: La Chaise Longue

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Takashi Murakami took over the Palace of Versaille on September 15th with his collection of superflat art. This is something I would have dreamed of after watching Marie Antoinette and stuffing my face with Harajuku crepes. Seriously, though- this is friggin’AWESOME!!!!! It’s like the ultimate high-end punk statement if ever there was one. I think the last royal family of France would have love love loved the idea of colorful, cartoony art sprinkling the palace grounds. If I were Marie Antoinette, I would walk around the palace in one of the fancy outfits and ogle at each piece as I nibbled on cupcakes. I’d even touch the artwork because I would be the damn queen. Then, I’d have some poor fool paint me with Kaikai Kiki. Mr. Marmar would object with a guttural meow and then we’d add him to the painting. Wait. This may have happened in another life time. Here’s the painting to prove it:

That’s me as Marie Antoinette and my cats as painted by a Bob Ross clone. And yes, those are “happy trees”. HAHHAHAHHAHA!

photos: Hypebeast

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The illustrious Hasty and Jacques Torres

Hasty Torres and me

Nestled in the heart of Beverly Hills lies a magical boutique selling everything chocolate! Madame Chocolat is an enchanted chocolate boutique owned and run by Hasty Torres, wife of chocolate wizard Jacques Torres. Each of Hasty’s chocolate creations are delectable and beautiful than the other. Coming in all shapes, sizes and flavors, chocolates are produced in small batches for every occasion and holiday. For Bastille Day, chocolate Eiffel Tower ranging from small to large were produced in honor of the French celebration. Solid or hollow chocolate high heels, handbags, sunglasses, watches, cigars, and almost everything in between are available for any sweet tooth. Not only are the shapes impressive, but the flavors are unique in its own. Over 21 variations of white, dark and milk chocolate, including a Grand Marnier-infused ganache, fresh raspberry ganache, champagne ganache (known as the ‘Champagne Kiss” *swoon*) exist in this lovely chocolate heaven. The extreme attention to detail of the packaging, the product itself, and the gorgeous French 16th century decor give even Fauchon and Lenotre a run for its money. Even the massive chandelier has the Madame Chocolat logo hanging throughout the chandelier.That’s damn exquisite, if you ask me.

Hasty was gracious to let us into her factory and showed us the process of making haute chocolate. The chocolate is constantly churning to keep from hardening and is ready for impromptu drizzles or a full-fledged production of bon-bons and truffles. Each chocolate takes at least two days to make! After sampling a bunch of chocolates, I left the store with a smile on my face, a sense of luxury( I was channeling Mr. Marmar) and a major sugar high. ( Not sure if that’s the best combo for driving-hahaha). Be sure to try some of your favorite childhood candies and cookies dipped in chocolate, like Cheerios, Oreos, Rice Krispies and of course, marshmallow s’mores. Madame Chocolat not only serves chocolates, but also ice cream, tea, coffee, iced drinks, croissants and cookies.  Custom orders are available and nationwide shipping is available. Be sure to say, Haaaaaaaay‘ to the lovely Hasty for me- she’s a doll!

photos: Moi and Fifi, Madame Chocolat


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Dior’s Fall 2009 Couture Collection echoed a better era for fashion (in my opinion)- The 1950s. In the 50s, clothes were more feminine and had a an innocent edge to it and impeccable quality that today’s mass produced clothes cannot compete with. Also the silhouette, was perfect for any body type. Luckily, with the few fashion houses that still create the dying art of couture, the spirit of the early decades can still be created with same grace as previous decades, only with a much higher price tag. In this collection, the undergarment was the repeated theme throughout. The hidden foundation is what makes the outfit sit well, but with true John Galliano misfit style, the foundation became the center of attention. How fitting.


HAPPY BASTILLE DAY!! Eat Cake and celebrate French independence from extravagant Royals! (Even though Marie Antoinette was true style icon!)

photos: Style, Befeedme

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Nora Arzener

Think of the most glamorous celebrity gift suite in the most glamorous city in the world. You can’t help to think of the DPA gift suite titled 2009 ESPACE GLAMOUR CHIC® in Paris, France.   Nathalie Dubois-Sissoko once again dazzles us in her home country and in the City of Lights perfectly timed for the French equivalent of the OSCAR AWARDS® called the CESAR AWARDS®. The event took place at the historic, arc deco HOTEL NAPOLEON where classic French film legend, Jean Gabin shot many of his movies, and where stars like Josephine Baker, Audrey Hepburn, Errol Flynn, and Orson Welles once roamed the halls.


            This year’s suite boasted a wide variety of luxurious skincare for every skin type from cosmetic giant LANCOME, to DERMALOGICA – The Age Smart kit, to Demi Moore endorsed HELENA RUBENSTEIN skincare and makeup (not available in the US).  For the men, BIOTHERM HOMME provided skincare products. BENEDETTA, which means ‘blessed’ in Italian, blessed us with their with holistic skin care. BIO-SALINES, a French skincare brand that incorporates its products with the famed specialty salt, ESPRIT DU SEL, sprinkled the DPA gifting suite.  If the elixir of quartz crystal skincare was more your cup of tea, SPHATIKA shined the DPA gift suite. DANIELE de WINTER showcased her skincare from Monaco inspired by her father’s research and treatment of cancer patients. LE ROI SALOMON (for men) and LA SULTANE DE SABA (for women) took DPA guests on the voyage of the world through its unique skincare line. Artisan bath and soap product maker, LUSH, made DPA guests smell a little sweeter.


Frederique Bel

The Polaroid PoGo, a mobile printer in the palm of your hand (no shaking need) that connects to almost any digital camera or phone satisfied the tech savvy.  PULL-IN Underwear supplied the coverage of another kind for men and women. In the jewelry department, OH DIS LE MOI jewelry graced us with their modern, yet elegant jewelry line. More gifts were provided by  ASICS / Onitsuka Tiger (Tokidoki) sneakers that glow in the dark and tote. For the Rockers,  ETERNAL CLOTHING  gave us tattooed shirts and clothing. 


MARCHON eyewear is a DPA staple with eyewear from designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Fendi. NICOLE VAN DYKE brought back the 1950s and 1960s French style through her handbags and frocks. For the dedicated yoga followers, no wardrobe is complete without SPIRITUAL GANGSTER. PACK AND FLY provided useful and smart travel accessories for the jet set. Remember the days of supple kid leather gloves?  MAISON FABRE, founded in 1924, keeps that elegance alive.


Singer Helene Segara

With many gifting suites these days for every award show, DPA’s unique touch are the exotic travel trips that a lucky guest will receive. Whether it’s the HOTEL GUANAHANI and SPA at St. Barth, APAVOU HOTEL in Mauritius, PEARL RESORT AND SPA, or LE TAHAA ISLAND RESORT AND SPA the destination is sure to be like no other- exotic, relaxing and gorgeous. Look for more DPA gift suites around the world during film festivals and award shows or anywhere where celebrities might mingle. Be pampered!

Refreshments were provided by: TAO drinks, RON VARADERO liquor, WALDERS liquor, PARLIAMENT vodka. 

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I came across this site and thought, ‘Oh, Hell no.’

Here is a t-shirt with faux arm pit hair and the panties to make the perfect German match. Why Germany, you say? On a trip to Germany during my youth, I distinctly remember women would roam the city in full on fur under the arms and legs. I still have this one image of this really pretty lady getting on the bus and lifting her arm to grab the handle and *gasp* , her pits had never seen a razor… then another fairly attractive lady had a short skirt with nude colored stockings only to reveal suffocating strands of hair on her leg.. not stuble…. but strands, I say.

I mean, I’m victim of the ‘I’m too lazy – it’s too cold out to shave- I’m gonna be wearing pants anyway- i’ve got my period, so fupe it’- excuses , but I think it was an everyday thing in Germany and it was fairly common. So, I thought it must run throughout Europe… 

On one of trips to France about 10 years ago, I thought, let me take advantage of this time to grow out all my hair, so I can wax it off when I get back to the states…. well, apparently, I was the one getting stares…. so I caved and shaved after 5 days…. 

photos: Miss & Lady’s Boutique

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In honor of Thanksgiving , I leave you with photos from a Turkish Fashion Show. Turkey is an Islamic nation , hence the unsexy attire. The head scarve is cute, but not , like, everyday. It reminds me of the 1960s and Doris Day. The outfits and a little too drab , but then again my favorite color is hot pink. Come to think of it , I would most likely get my ass whooped if I went to Turkey, in which I have been to when I was 8 years old. But I didn’t get my as whooped, that’s probably because I had no boobs yet. Did you know its illegal to wear head scarves in France? Because it’s a symbol of religion. But you know, sometimes I like to wear head scarves for the Bulgarian village person look and I’m not religious. So, I can never rock that look in France. Bummer.

Anyturkey, I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving and not get vomitotious from all the food and drink. 


photos: Korean Times

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